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Is Ambit Energy A Holy Grail MLM Company?

by James Yancey

Is Ambit Energy A Holy Grail MLM Company?

Ambit Energy Holy Grail MLM CompanyIn this detailed report I will reveal exactly why Ambit Energy is the Network Marketing opportunity of a lifetime.  When evaluating any Network Marketing company there 5 primary factors that must be considered.  These 5 factors must ALL be in place for the company to succeed, let alone make history.  Companies with these 5 factors are known as Holy Grail Opportunities where anyone who decides to take massive action can create lifelong residual wealth.  Every opportunity under the sun you can make money, but only a few throughout the history of this industry that have allowed individuals to create true walk away lifetime residual wealth.  I believe Ambit Energy has that opportunity and more.

The 5 factors that make up a Holy Grail MLM Company include:

  1. The Companies Funding
  2. The Leadership – Corporate & Field
  3. The Timing
  4. The Product
  5. The Compensation Plan

Ambit Energy’s Corporate Funding

Ambit Energy's Investor StrengthAmbit Energy has incredible investor strength and is a debt free and profitable company.   Based on Ambit Energy’s strength, track record, and systems Ambit has attracted the world’s most profitable company and second largest corporation in the world as it energy supplier and the credit facility that allows Ambit Energy to grow on an unlimited scale into the future.   Best of all Ambit Energy does not need this relationship to grow, and did not start out with it in place.  Ambit Energy also has the backing of some of the strongest families in Texas including the Carter Family, The Hunt Family, and The Thompson Family, just to name a few.

The Leadership of Ambit Energy – Corporate & Field

Ambit Energy LeadershipAmbit Energy’s co-founders have put together a corporate leadership team that rivals any company in America regardless of the marketing model.  Ambit Energy’s co-founders have an incredible business track record and focus on never sacrificing integrity for growth as one of their core principles.  Jere Thompson’s family is responsible for franchise opportunity icon 7-11, and Mr. Thompson himself took a Telecom company public, and sold it for millions proving he could capitalize on a deregulating market.  Chris Chambless was at one time VP of operations of Excel Communications which was the premier Network Marketing opportunity that pioneered Telecom deregulation and created incredible success stories that still stand to this day.  These gentlemen have put together an amazing corporate staff including John Burke who is recognized as one the best IT minds in the country, as well as Cynthia Young better known for her contribution to Southwest Airlines customer care platform.  The story gets even better when you understand the field leaders that are in place not only in the 5 states open to competition but throughout the country.  Ambit Energy has extensive training available, hotel meetings, conference calls, webinars, online trainings, everything is in place for an individual to plug in and succeed following a proven system and path to success.

The Timing for Ambit Energy

Ambit Energy The Perfect TimingThe timing for Ambit Energy and Energy Deregulation are absolutely perfect.  Energy monopolies are being broken up in the United States and Worldwide.  Ambit Energy is at the forefront of the movement, with only 5 US states open to competition and the United States not being fully deregulated the opportunity is truly ground floor.  Ambit Energy has the stability of a proven marketing system and a track record of proven success, yet still provides an opportunity that is wide open to anyone willing to take advantage of this once in a lifetime trend.

Ambit Energy The Perfect Product

Ambit Energy PaysWhen you’re looking for a product to market you want something everyone uses and needs.  This is obvious yet being able to find something to market that everyone uses and needs is rare.  With Ambit Energy you’ll get the opportunity to market a true necessity – electricity and natural gas, what could be better.  Best of all our service cost NOTHING for a customer to switch over and begin to save.  There’s no explaining, no habit change, no inventory, and no collecting of money.  We simply help people save money on something they have to have, what could be simpler.

The Compensation Plan of Ambit Energy

Join Ambit EnergyAmbit Energy has a compensation plan that can change your life for the rest of your life.  Ambit Energy does not pay ANY money for sponsoring reps, Ambit Energy only pays a commission on gathering personal customers or when your team gathers personal customers.   The power of Ambit Energy’s compensation is in the fact they there are 2 bonuses to infinity.  The coded and residual bonuses to infinity within the plan make it not only unique but incredibly lucrative.  What’s also exciting is that a new person can recoup all of their initial investment through customer acquisitions and energy savings alone.   Ambit Energy’s compensation plan also includes a residual payout on personal and team customers.  Income is also created through the residuals from customers that refer other customers, as well as leadership car bonuses.  Ambit Energy’s comp plan not only looks good on paper, but this money is being received by the field.  Never have I seen a company where so many consultants are being rewarded for their efforts and what they started.  In Network Marketing we are supposed to get paid for what we start, not necessarily what we currently do and Ambit Energy has figured this out and allowing consultants to maximize their efforts.

In Conclusion, Ambit Energy Is A Holy Grail MLM Company

As you can see from this Ambit Energy Review clearly they have raised the bar and demonstrate what is possible within the Network Marketing space – and is clearly a business that you deserve to learn more about.

Work with James Yancey in Ambit Energy

James Yancey is building an incredible team and community within Ambit Energy using traditional and online methods to attract like minded individuals who recognize Ambit Energy as the premier company in Network Marketing that is offering an opportunity like no other in the history of the industry.

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