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Why I Chose Ambit Energy- Part 2 – Why An Energy MLM?

by James Yancey

Why I Chose Ambit Energy- Part 2 – Why An Energy MLM?

If you’ve read Why I Chose Ambit Energy – Part 1– you know my journey and search to find a quality business to align myself with.  You also know that I didn’t make the decision lightly or on a whim.  However, you don’t know what I saw in Ambit Energy that makes it the best opportunity I’ve ever seen in Network Marketing.   While “the best” is strong words and it is strictly my opinion – and it’s an educated one – keep reading and you’ll discover why Ambit Energy is uniquely positioned and exactly why I’m so excited about what this opportunity offers.

The Last Monopoly On The Planet! – Why Ambit Energy

Ambit Energy The Opportunity Explained

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Energy may not be sexy – but the word Monopoly is!  Energy is the last monopoly in the world and it’s breaking up.  If you have the opportunity to participate in the break-up of a monopoly and you take massive appropriate action can you go wrong?  You’ll have to answer that for yourself.  Out of all the other US monopolies that have broken up – the railroads, the airlines, & telecom – energy is the largest.  Each time a monopoly has broken up new companies, new efficiencies, new technologies, and new industry leaders were created.  This is what’s now happening in the energy market – and why you deserve to examine the opportunity to be had within Ambit Energy.

It’s A Necessity – Why Ambit Energy

We’re talking about electricity and natural gas – do you want to live without it?  What other Network Marketing product, category, or service is already being consumed by 100% of the population?   There is not a person on the planet who wouldn’t want to pay less for electricity or natural gas – why is that?  It’s because they already use it, will always to use it, so why pay more?  Ambit Energy is uniquely positioned with an offer that is recession proof, easy to talk about, and an offer that people are willing to listen too.

Residual Income MLM’s Dirty Little Secret – The 3 Tests

Who doesn’t want residual income?  It’s the promise of the MLM industry – however that promise is not always deliverable.  Like everything else it depends – it depends on your Network Marketing Company’s product or service.  It also depends on 3 tests; the first test is a simple question.  That question is this, would you buy your company’s product or service if there was no compensation plan tied to purchasing it?  Let’s apply that test to Ambit Energy– would you pay for electricity and or natural gas if you didn’t get paid to purchase it?  Will other people?  The answer is obvious.

So, let’s move on the 2nd test.  The second test is similar to the first but takes more examination and consists of 2 questions.  When testing for residual income you’ve got to examine where the majority of residual comes from.  You’ve got to ask yourself does the majority of residual income come from distributors who are using the product or service or does it come from a customer base?  If distributors left your organization would their still be a large and substantial customers base?  Let’s apply this test to Ambit Energy, if you were a customer paying less with Ambit Energy, or were getting free energy from Ambit Energy and your distributor left Ambit would you stop saving on your energy bills?

The 3rd and final test – this one is the hardest of the 3!  Here we go, can customers get your product cheaper at Wal-Mart?  Man oh man, that’s a good one – you can even take it a step further and ask yourself how long would you pay more for something of equal quality?  Let’s apply this last one to Ambit Energy– obviously Wal-Mart doesn’t have it and better yet, we’re offering a our service below retail price with the opportunity to get it for free.  Lastly, it costs nothing for our customer base to save money on their utilities or earn free energy – there’s nothing for customers to buy to benefit.   Making Ambit Energy one of the only companies in Network Marketing that can clearly and without any bias pass all 3 tests.

Why Ambit Energy Has NO Competition!  (Keep Reading)

Become An Ambit Energy Customer Now!If you read Why I Chose Ambit Energy, Part I – I spoke about other Energy MLM’s – now I’m saying there is no competition.  Well obviously there is competition in energy – but there is a simple reason why Ambit Energy is dominating the competition.  Let me ask you this simple question, would you rather get a discount on electricity and natural gas or would you rather get it for free?  Obviously this is a silly, no brainer question – everyone would prefer to get it for free and that’s exactly why Ambit Energy has no real competition and has an unfair advantage.  We are the only company in the marketplace offering customer incentives including free energy which sets Ambit Energy apart from the competition regardless of if you are participating in the business or not.

A Service, Not A Product – Why Ambit Energy

There is clearly room for debate here – and the choice is yours to make.  Would you rather carry and stock inventory and demonstrate your product, teach people the benefits and how to use it, and then teach distributors to do the same or not?  Think about it, Ambit Energy is offering a service that requires no inventory, no indepth product training or knowledge.  Do you know how to turn on the lights in your home?  Do you recognize the value that electricity and natural gas adds to your life?  Do you want to save on the cost of your energy?  Do you know anyone who would like to save or get their energy for free?  It’s really that simple – makes complete sense, and best of all people can get started quickly, have success quickly – making the formula work and that exactly why it can work for you.

The Final Thoughts On Why Ambit Energy

In part 2 of why Ambit Energy we’ve looked at a recession proof opportunity positioned around the break-up of the last US monopoly, the fact that we’re offering on-going savings on an absolute necessity.  We’ve also reviewed the 3 tests for residual income, why free and guaranteed savings is better than savings alone, and how the simplicity of a service that is below retail price and that you can’t get at Wal-Mart just makes sense.  The last thing I want to touch on is timing.  Timing is one of the most critical aspects of business.  There isn’t a business, opportunity, or investment on the planet that you don’t want to be positioned in early.  Ambit Energy is no different and the timing is perfect – the US energy market is in the early stages of deregulation and 28 states are currently in a phase of their deregulation.  Ambit is currently open in specific territories of 5 states.  It’s obvious the system is working Ambit Energy was recognized as the fastest growing privately held company with the greatest customer retention in Energy in 2010.  Furthermore, energy is deregulating internationally and in my opinion if any energy company has the management and financial strength to penetrate an international market its Ambit Energy.  So the timing couldn’t be better.  You have the opportunity to partner with our team and create something incredibly special – you deserve to get all the details.  To learn more about how you can participate in the break-up of the last US monopoly and partner with my Ambit Energy Team simply CLICK HERE.

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