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Understanding the Dynamics of Ambit Energy

by James Yancey

The 6 Reasons Ambit Energy Is Making History

Ambit EnergyRarely does an opportunity emerge inside the world of business that is so extraordinary that is simply can’t be ignored.  I believe Ambit Energy  is that type of opportunity – if you’re considering an opportunity to work from home, be your own boss, create a full-time income on a part time schedule or looking for the right opportunity to place your time, effort, and passion to create an unlimited return on your investment you may have stumbled upon what you’re looking for.  To be clear, if you’re at all open to creating more in your life pay close attention to this article and you’ll learn exactly why the early adopters who’ve embraced energy deregulation are so excited about what is happening right now and right under your nose inside Ambit Energy.

The 6 Dynamics of Ambit Energy

Ambit Energy is a retail energy company based out of Dallas Texas – the company is acquiring customers faster and retaining them longer than any other company in the energy sector and it’s because of the six dynamics you’re about to learn.  It’s been said that a human activity rewarded is a human activity repeated and if in fact that’s true – isn’t the opposite is also true an activity that goes unrewarded is quickly extinguished.  You may be asking what does human behavior have to do with Ambit Energy?  Well, pay close attention as I uncover six dynamics quietly at work inside Ambit Energy that is rewarding tens of thousands of customers and marketing consultants.

#1 – We’re Below Retail

Ambit Energy is a company that is actually offering electricity and natural gas below the current retail cost.  If you can for a moment take a neutral position, assume everything else was equal – meaning the delivery of the energy was the same, the reliability of the service was the same, and even who’s contacted if there was a challenge with service was the same.  If you could accept and understand the only variable was price would you choose to pay more – would ANYONE, given a choice pay more?  The fact is our service is below retail and for the first time in history consumers have the right to choose – consumers exercising their options are creating the largest migration of customers and largest transfer of wealth ever seen in energy and in any industry.

#2 – Everyone Is Already Plugged In

Everyone already uses our product – look at it this way, everyone you know and everyone you don’t know already has a line item in their budget for electricity and natural gas.  It’s a fact everyone is already spending and expecting to spend money on electricity and natural gas, were not serving a niche market – EVERYONE is already on a permanent life-long monthly auto-ship for service.  Imagine, for a moment what it has been like for the former monopolies that have enjoyed control over the price as well as 100% customer retention for over 100 years.  Imagine the wealth that was created – what if you were able to participate?  Understand the energy markets do not need you or me to participate as entrepreneurs – we are being ALLOWED to participate in this unprecedented opportunity.

#3 – No Training

One of the biggest pitfalls and challenges in Network Marketing is ensuring the proper training of distributors.  Did you know that most companies who choose Network Marketing do so because the product requires specialized knowledge?  Specialized knowledge and a part-time schedule don’t go together to well – do they?  When you understand that even a child understands the value of electricity and natural gas, and our product is as easy to understand as lights on, lights off – how much training or specialized knowledge is really needed?  You probably answered none, and if you did you now recognize that there is finally an opportunity to truly focus on what’s important inside a Network Marketing business – gathering customers and helping other to do the same.

#4 – No Selling

Let’s face it, most people absolutely HATE SELLING – the only thing most people hate more than selling is to be sold.  Yet, people love to buy – people feel good about themselves and the other person when they buy.  When you think about it, it’s really kind of fascinating people hate selling and love to buy – allow me to uncover what this has to do with Ambit Energy.  It actually has everything to do with Ambit Energy.  When it comes to building a customer base inside Ambit Energy there is nothing to sell and nothing to buy.  It costs nothing for a customer to save.  Ambit Energy marketing consultants simply help people save money on energy a  necessity that they are already budgeting for making a business model were everyone can win.  Customers win by saving money and consultants win because they can make money without asking anyone to spend money they weren’t already prepared to spend.

#5 – No Habit Change

Humans are creatures of habit, like it or not, for better or worse – we are all creatures of habit.  If there is a secret to the success inside Ambit Energy it’s that we don’t change our customers buying or consumption habits.  There is no juice, vitamins, skin care, soap, or anything for that matter to buy coming in the mail on a monthly basis.  What is coming in the mail is an electricity and/or natural gas bill – best of all it’s coming from the company it’s always come from, with the same account number, on the same day, paid in the same way, the only difference is the bill is lower. 

Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with the juice, vitamins, skin care, and soap companies – there are several great companies and the moment you recognize that all those products are options, require discretionary income to be spent on those options, and require distributors and customers to change their buying habit to participate you’ll immediately recognize the advantage of the opportunity inside Ambit Energy.

#6 – Rewards

Ambit EnergySo you see, activity rewarded is activity repeated.  Ambit Energy understands this and is rewarding its customers simply for trying the service in savings and through our customer rewards program.  Consultants are being rewarded financially as they grow a network of customers and customer gatherers.  Customers and consultants alike are being rewarded with a chance to earn FREE ENERGY.  That’s right Ambit Energy’s FREE Energy Program is the only program of its kind – giving the company, consultants, and customers a truly unique proposition a tangible way to get their energy for free.

So, whether you’ve heard the buzz about Ambit Energy already – or you’re considering taking a close look at the company I highly recommend you do so now.

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