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Energy Deregulation The Death Of The Last Monopoly

by James Yancey

Energy Deregulation and MLM

Network Marketing is an amazing industry and has the power to change lives.  Since I’ve been involved in the industry I’ve seen a lot of companies come and go and a lot of products come and go.  The truth is no MLM product has ever been as intriguing, exciting, or made as much sense from a BUSINESS PERSPECTIVE as energyEnergy deregulation is something that is going too and is happening, it’s more than just a good idea – it’s a guarantee.

While there are a lot of good company’s in our industry with great products – many of the products need the reps to take that idea to the market or even create a market.  This obviously does not apply to energy – the companies in the energy space don’t need to use MLM and they don’t need reps to build a customer base.  Understanding this idea is a game changer – simply because of the product and the size of the market.

If you’re considering joining an MLM Energy Company my advice is to choose the company you feel has the financial ability and leadership to stand the test of time – if you’re like me the choice will be clear.  To learn more about my choice Ambit Energy check out my Ambit Energy Review now.

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