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How I Chose Ambit Energy – Part I

by James Yancey

I Was Looking For Something – It Wasn’t Ambit Energy

When it comes to Network Marketing there are literally thousands of companies, opportunities, and ideas to choose from.  When I decided I was ready for a change and began looking for a company to partner with it unfortunately became a very large undertaking.  It didn’t have to be, but I know my personality, and I know I needed to have something I could believe in long term and that not only made sense to me, but also could make sense to others.  When I began my search for the right company to partner with I grossly underestimated how challenging it could be.  It literally took me over a year to find a company that was the right fit for me.

Having taken a serious look at a lot of companies it now fasinates me that so many Network Marketing distributors expect people to join after 1 look.  It can happen that way, but to expect it is a little crazy.  Anyway, from my previous experience I knew in business and Network Marketing that I would need to be focused.  Even if I was going to build a business part-time I had to make a commitment upfront, to ever reap the rewards that could be had.  So, I literally looked at around 3 companies a week for a year.  Make no mistake, that wasn’t my intention, I thought that I would find a company that made sense for me quickly – that just wasn’t the case.

From that experience I got to see some great companies and I also saw some really, really, bad ones.  I saw some that made sense for me, but not my center of influence.  I saw some companies with really strong cultures, some that had way too much hype, and some that were every man for himself.  I also saw some good companies that were very mature and past the prime time to really create something big as well as some opportunities that were too new and risky.  I saw companies with great compensation plans, some with really weak comp plans, and some that were scams.  While most don’t want to admit there are scams out there, the fact is that there are scams in every business and industry on the planet and there will always be scams out there – Network Marketing is no different.  That being said, it really took my time to find a fit – and in this blog post I’ll share with you how I came to chose Ambit Energy.

I Was Biased – How I Chose Ambit Energy

After looking at a bunch of lotions, potions, and technology companies – I knew that those weren’t for me.  With my background in financial services I heavily considered insurance, but I wanted something that was more consumable, with more upside, yet still offered the same type of customer retention.  That’s when I really began to think about my own past and then eventually the history of Network Marketing.

My story goes into all the details, but the short version is that I previously owned a mortgage brokerage.  Which was an awesome experience personally and financially – but the heart of the matter is that it was more about the government than me.  The US government played a major role in my ability to open my mortgage business – because they were aggressively deregulating when I got involved.  Financial deregulation and timing is ultimately what made it possible for the little guy to enter the big business of mortgage lending.  I was no different – without deregulation I would never have had the same opportunity to participate in real estate.  It wasn’t until the government started aggressively regulating and making it very unattractive to participate in the mortgage industry that I began looking for something new.  So my bias was that I knew what I didn’t want – and I knew the power of both sides of government regulation.

I also knew the history of Network Marketing, I knew that the largest earners in Network Marketing history and most 7 figure earners were created when the US Telecom industry deregulated.  I also knew the story of the break up of AT&T and Ma Bell and that when a monopoly breaks up, very little new money is created – it’s simply transferred from one hand to another.  So, when I found out that the United States energy market was being deregulated on a residential level I knew there was an enormous opportunity unfolding.  Energy is literally the last monopoly on the planet left to break up – so I knew to pay attention.

So I began to focus on energy.  Oddly enough, I began by looking to open a traditional business and what I found was too much red tape, too many hassles, high start up costs, and the time investment versus return on income didn’t make sense for me to pursue any of the options that were available to me.  What’s even funnier is that I had no idea that Network Marketing was even an option.

The Phone Rang – How I Chose Ambit Energy

One of my childhood friends calls me, and he’d been involved in Network Marketing with a few companies and is a good guy.  He knew I was involved in a project and didn’t work multiple MLM companies at once – so he really casually mentioned it.  That was my first exposure, to an Energy MLM– I wasn’t even excited at this point.  I’d looked at so many companies – I wasn’t about to get excited about hearing about one.  But I was excited that there where Network Marketing options and I went on a mission to find them, review them, and find out if one made sense for me.

So I began looking for the companies in the space, and was shocked – at the options and secondly that I hadn’t heard about any of them.  So as I looked, I honestly wasn’t that impressed.  I looked at 3 companies before I saw as a front runner, and they weren’t operating in my home state of Maryland and definitely weren’t positioned like Ambit Energy.  Then I discovered 2 more companies in the space and was feeling a bit overwhelmed.  I had a large Internet marketing event in Vegas that I was attending and I was working on completing some projects for that.  So I didn’t have the time to look at the last 2 opportunities until after the event.

While In Vegas at the Live The Dream Event, I had private lunch with two multiple 7 figure earners Mark Hoverson and Norbert Orlewicz at this lunch I sat beside a gentlemen that had went to the US Naval Academy which is located in my home town Annapolis, Maryland.  So needless to say we had instant rapport.  When it was appropriate he mentioned that he was involved in a company called Ambit Energy.  I told him that I’d heard of it was looking at energy and hadn’t had a chance to check out Ambit – basically I let him know it was on my list.  He’d also looked at the competitors and what was funny is he’d looked at the ones I hadn’t and vice versa.  So he told me a little and I shared a little then we went our separate ways.

Fate Played It’s Role – How I Chose Ambit Energy

Vegas was in incredible trip!  It was an experience, I came out of that event pumped and knew I’d established some new relationships that I knew would be long term.  On the plane ride home I wasn’t thinking about MLM companies, I wasn’t thinking about Ambit Energy, I was thinking about the raw power of combining the Internet with a Network Marketing business.  While pondering the possibilities I noticed an older gentleman talking with a young man.  The plane was almost empty and they happened to be sitting across the aisle from me and I could sense and kind of hear that they were talking about Network Marketing.  It appeared that the older gentleman was recruiting the younger guy.  They were engrossed in their conversation, so I didn’t want to interrupt them – but I was definitely curious as to what was going on.  When the plane landed there was an opening and I asked them if they were coming from the event in Vegas.  They said No, they were marketing consultants with a company called Ambit Energy and they were headed to Maryland – Ambit was about to open business in Maryland.  We ended up walking to the baggage claim, had a nice conversation about the Maryland Pre-launch and they invited me to the event – I declined and went on my way.

I chose not to go to the event, simply because I wanted to see the information for myself.  I thought it was interesting they were in Maryland, but knew I had 2 more companies to look at.  I’d come too far to have any outside influence on my decision.  I’d also already been to 2 other meetings for the other MLM Energy companies after seeing their video overviews and wanted to keep that practice in place.

When I looked at the Ambit site I was genuinely immediately impressed.  The site looked extremely clean and professional.   Before I even looked at the Ambit Energy video presentation I pulled up the other sites to look at them in comparison – there was none.  (The competitors have since vastly improved their websites since then, and now I’m more than a little biased, lol!)  I watched the video overview and was even more impressed.  Momentum was building in Ambit Energy’s favor.  The next day I looked at the last opportunities site, I wasn’t thrilled with what I saw, got into the opportunity overview and had trouble even sitting through it – it was obvious they weren’t it.  So I was down to Ambit – and making a decision to join or do something outside of MLM,  I still knew I wasn’t going to make a quick decision to pull the trigger I’d come too far.  I’ll admit I had information overload, so a quick decision was out.  I was also still on an emotional high from the internet event and had some ideas I wanted to implement.  I’d looked at so many companies in the energy space that I was swimming with information – even though the choice was obvious.

Comparing MLM Energy Companies – How I Chose Ambit Energy

So, I decided to take a quick look at the 5 companies one more time, except I would evaluate them on a check list of a few things, the management, the compensation,  the field leaders, and the look and feel, Ambit Energy was the clear leader in every category except compensation.  MLM compensation plans are funny, it’s hard to tell if they are just good on paper and actually produce results in the field.  These energy comp plans can be tricky too, they have elements that you’ve really got to look for and it’s impossible to compare them apples to apples.  (Know I have first hand knowledge and know the differences – but at the time I was genuinely unsure – I thought about it and realized if compensation was a by product of the offering and leadership and I believed Ambit Energy had everyone else beat on those factors, the money would follow – funny thing is now I’ve got people joining my team from those other companies based on compensation, lol)

Long story short – The gentlemen I met in Vegas connected me with the top earner in the company, and the top earner in Illinois, as well as a former SVP for Primerica for a 3 way call.  I was highly impressed, but still drilled them with my questions, lol.  It was then they informed me that Ambit Energy was about to be announced as Inc. Magazine’s #1 on the annual Inc. 500 list.  This was a Saturday and they (we) have a team conference call on Sunday – they invited me to listen in on that call, and that sealed the deal.  Funny thing was I never made it to an opportunity meeting.  The next day the top earner in Illinois jumped on a plane to come out and meet me and present at one of the local pre-launch events and asked me to invite some guests to see the Ambit Presentation.  I told him I had to attend a meeting myself and see what the meeting was like and that I had violated my own rule by joining without attending a meeting!

The Hotel Meeting – How I Chose Ambit Energy

At this point I was nervous, I was thinking – man what if they ruin this thing with a bunch of hype at the meeting, or the individuals associated with the business make it unattractive and I’ve got to start my own meeting, re-invent the wheel, or create my own culture.  I got to the event and the meeting was packed!  There was an amazing crowd of people from all backgrounds that had come to check this business out.  That in itself was remarkable and important because I know that people don’t join business – people join people, and the individual that have been attracted to Ambit are an dynamic group of leaders.  As far as hype or the hard sell – it never came, it was a presentation of the facts with an invitation to get questions answered, and an option to get started or become a customer.  It was everything I had expected to see in Network Marketing but never had.  I’m glad I had a chance to go through the experience I have, and I’m glad I made the right choice.  To me from what I’ve seen and what we offer there is no real comparison to Ambit Energy– if you are recognize of the opportunity and it makes sense to you, all I can say is Don’t Miss This.

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