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The 5 Reasons To Start A Home Based Business Now

by James Yancey

The 5 Reasons To Start A Home Based Business Now

Home Based BusinesThere is a monumental cultural shift is happening in business and I’ll bet you’ve noticed more and more people talking about and joining the home based business industry.  You may be wondering why this entrepreneurial surge is and has become so prevalent.  The fact is there are several prevailing reasons revealed in this blog post that will detail the 5 reasons to start a home based business now.

No Job is Secure – 5 Reasons To Start A Home Based Business Now

This first point should be obvious by now, the odds of having a job for life with a guaranteed income in retirement simply does not exist.  We are in an era of fast and frequent layoffs, downsizing, and outsourcing – sadly this is just the tip of the iceberg.  We all see the iceberg in the water yet most are waiting for “The Captain” to steer us around it instead of choosing to grab the wheel and it’s time to grab the wheel.

The Tax Benefits – 5 Reasons To Start A Home Based Business Now

Owning a home based business has many incredible benefits yet often the most overlooked is the tax benefits of a business.  For most American the first expense they pay is taxes, most pay taxes before they even get their pay check.  Did you realize that taxes are not only the first bill paid they are often the largest expense we face?  Unfortunately far too many people don’t even recognize there are simple and legally encouraged ways to reduce their taxes.

Instead of taking a second job many people are learning that they can access more income immediately though tax savings.  The tax benefits of owning a business are extremely well documented and can be learned and implemented immediately with the proper professional advice or mentoring.  While you should never start a business simply for the tax savings it’s an additional reason that many have decided to take action and start a home based business now.

Technology, It’s Making You or Breaking You – The 5 Reasons To Start A Home Based Business Now

Technology is making it easier and easier to start a home based business now.  The computer and internet have allowed people to expand their reach for customers locally and globally.  We are in a time where even employers are encouraging employees to work from home to cut down their costs.  Technology is the double edged sword of progress it putting many out of work because of efficiency and outsourcing while at the same time creating more opportunity for small and large business.  It’s up to you to decide if you want to leverage technology or be leveraged by technology.  Computers and the internet are creating competition for jobs and customers on a global scale and this will only continue in years to come.  The trend is clear and many have chosen to take advantage of what’s now available in a home based business.

The Economy – 5 Reasons To Start A Home Based Business Now

The challenges in the economy are obvious most people are looking for solutions to their financial challenges.  Jobs are scarce, layoffs are looming and people are and should be looking for leadership that can guide them to safety.  For the first time in history the standard of living is dropping for the majority of Americans.  These facts are motivating people to act and action is the only thing that leads to results.  It’s up to each of us to decide to be a victim of the economy or to take lemons and make lemonade.

Freedom – 5 Reasons To Start A Home Based Business Now

Home Based BusinesRegardless of the level of income living pay check to pay check has become a way of life.  It’s clear that the financial struggles we face are because people have become more and more dependent on their employers instead of working to become independent.  A new group of leaders who are focused on creating freedom for themselves and others is emerging.  These entrepreneurs are focused on the ability to control their income, their time, and their lifestyle.

It’s Time – Start A Home Based Business Now

Financial freedom and time freedom in the past could not co-exist you had to choose one and give up the other.  The perfect storm is at hand to create financial and time freedom in the home based business arena.  The factors of the economy, taxes, job security, and technology are all working together to help those with the vision to take advantage of the absolute perfect timing and positioning to create wealth and time freedom.  Its timing and positioning that have helped people create fortunes in franchising, real estate, and every other opportunity in the world.  The timing has never been better the positioning is there for the taking get moving and start a home based business now!

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