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The A.C.T.I.O.N. You Must Take To Dominate MLM Online

by James Yancey

Dominate Marketing Any MLM Online With These Actions

 Acquire, Capture, Teach, Inform, Outsource, and, Nurture.


The first step to build an MLM business online is to ACQUIRE a domain name – a brand.  This will give you a location on the Internet to direct your prospects.  You will ultimately be directing prospects back to this site through the content you create and post on the Internet.  When choosing a domain name I recommend you using your name to ACQUIRE the site to brand yourself.


The second step is to CAPTURE your prospects information.  You aboslutely must have a way to CAPTURE your MLM prospects contact information to stay in touch with them over an extended period of time.  In other words, you want to build a list and automate the follow up with your prospects.  By following this step you’ll be building a personal list of MLM prospects looking for answers, your job is to provide those answers.  This process creates a responsive warm market of MLM prospects who recognize you as an expert.


Next you’ll need to TEACH your list the lessons you learn.  As you develop and learn the skills needed to market your MLM business.  Creating and sharing your own content is the best way to brand yourself and your website.  This will set you apart as the leader prospects want to join.  Never forget that people don’t join MLM companies people join people.


As you develop a relationship with your list, you will INFORM your list of prospects how they can work directly with you in your primary MLM Company.  INFORM them why you got involved, what you like about the company, how they can join you, and finally what’s in it for them.


The next step is to OUTSOURCE as you grow.  You will without a doubt need some help along the way.  Learn to identify and collaborate with professionals that can help you do the tasks you can’t immediately, whether its helping you build a blog, write articles, create capture pages, or even call leads, if you take action based on this information it’s only a matter of time before you’ll need to OUTSOURCE.


The final and most important action is to NURTURE your list.  You have got to provide your list with information of value.  Focus on what you need to learn, learn it, and then share it – in a format that adds value for your prospects life.  There are thousands of people just like you looking for the same information be that resource and they will line up to join you in your MLM Business.

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