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What is Attraction Marketing?

by James Yancey

What is Attraction Marketing?

Attraction Marketing is a marketing strategy were you teach potential customers about what you are doing, how you can help them solve their problems, and how your service or product will benefit them before they ever make a purchase.  If you want prospects hunting you down eager to join you in your Network Marketing business pay close attention to this blog post.

Attraction Marketing consists of three components?

When Attraction Marketing is used properly it combines three elements to the overall message that makes the marketer, the product, or the service attractive to potential prospects and customers.  When these three components are used together attraction isn’t a choice.  Prospects will be naturally attracted to the message and the messenger based on status, value, and experience.  When you implement Attraction Marketing into your business and combine the three elements outlined here it will make doing business with you an obvious choice.  You become hunted by prospects simply because prospects will want to transfer the value you offer to themselves so they can ultimately get what they want.

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  The 1st Component of Attraction Marketing – Leading With Value

The most important aspect of Attraction Marketing is leading with value.  In order to attract prospects to you and your Network Marketing business you must have information of value and share that value to benefit your prospects.  Your goal must be to make some aspect of your prospects life better.  Whether it is a solution they need in their business or in their personal life.  If you provide valuable information that helps people solve the challenges they face there will always be people who want to join you in your Network Marketing business.  Leading with value makes you attractive to prospects and simply demonstrates why prospects should join you.  When you’ve given your prospect information that helps them improve their life by solving one or more challenges they currently face they will be eager to follow you and when the time is right for them – join you in your Network Marketing business.

The 2nd Component of Attraction Marketing – Transparency

You must also be transparent in your message.  You should be open to not only sharing your successes but also the challenges you’ve faced and what’s helped you improve personally and in business.  Being transparent in your message and revealing your personal story is what helps prospects decide if you’re a leader they should follow.  Being transparent allows your prospects to relate to you and can motivate them as well as gives them hope that they too can overcome challenges.  It’s also important because people don’t join businesses, people join people.   Offering value and your personal testimony is a key component of Attraction Marketing and will help people recognize you as a leader they can relate to and look to for solutions that they can see are proven to work.

The 3rd Component of Attraction Marketing – Personal Branding

Personal branding is all the rage right now, yet the personal brand I’m referring to is not just about having a pretty website.  To truly implement Attraction Marketing properly your personal brand must consist of value, integrity, and leadership, not simply a pretty website.  Your personal brand matters because there is only one of you.  Therefore if you are sharing your value in a way that is transparent and helps your prospects to better their lives you will attract a highly qualified prospect that relate to you and that are actively seeking the solutions you’re sharing.  Your personal brand will continue to evolve as you become an expert resource and continue to increase your knowledge, and experience, and therefore value to your audience.

Getting started – Implementing an Attraction Marketing System

If you’ve decided you want to implement Attraction Marketing in your business, you need to have a simple systematic way to get started.  The first step is to become a student to develop the value to share with your prospects or learn how to a market the value you already possess.  Next you must implement your message in your marketing so prospects can see your message in action.  When these first two steps have been implemented you need to continue to share and teach as you continue to learn and grow over time you will attract highly qualified prospects that are eager to join you.

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