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A Beginners Guide To Building An MLM Blog

by James Yancey

Getting Started With A MLM Blog

Blogging is a one of the best tools when using the internet to help build your mlm business.  If you are brand new and never built a blog, the most important aspect of blogging in the beginning is to be patient it will take some time to get your blog up and running.  Be mentally prepared to embrace the learning curve and recognize you will need to update your mlm blog on a regular basis with new content that can help the audience you want to attract.  An mlm blog is an excellent way to give your customers, potential business partners, and existing business partners a way to know and learn more about you, your product, your commitment, and how you can help them.

There are several blogging platforms available, I recommend wordpress.  WordPress is a free blogging platform that is really easy to use and Google absolutely loves wordpress blogs, they are very search engine friendly (and you definitely want to be found in search).  Blogs are also great because they have plugins which are simply little add ons, to enhance your blog and there are millions of free wordpress plugins that make building a mlm blog much easier than you’d think.

Blogging about your mlm business, the strategies you’re learning, what is working, even what is not helps to humanize your brand and lets people know you are a real person there to help them. Through your MLM blog, prospects can see your sense of vision and it can help make it obvious that you plan to go wherever you desire inside the MLM industry and many will want to come along for the ride.

What To Put On Your MLM Blog

When you’re blogging to grow your MLM business, you want to focus in on helping others not simply pitching your MLM opportunity.  The fact is 90% of the people searching the home based business, direct sales, and MLM industry are not looking for a company to join.  They are looking for training, leaders, and ideas that can help them build their business.  It is your job as a MLM leader, marketer, and now blogger to help them find the information they seek – this makes you a credible expert who has the ability to lead them where they want to go, and if it makes sense for them, they will not only follow you – many will join you in your mlm business.

Keep in mind you can certainly share your MLM business; simply don’t make it the primary focus of your blog.  If all you wrote, spoke, and shared any information on was your mlm company anyone who was not immediately interested in your company would never visit your site – robbing you of the opportunity to provide added value to a large audience.  The value you share will always attract people, especially when it’s genuine (even when you’re just getting started).

Making Money With A MLM Blog

Building an mlm blog is a long term strategy while things certainly can happen quickly your success will be based on your ability to provide valuable content and be found in the search engines.  You’re probably wondering how you make money with a MLM blog, especially if you shouldn’t focus on only blogging about your MLM business.

Well, here is the thing…  As I said earlier most people are looking for training online, people search Google for answers to their problems – and the biggest problem in MLM is a lack of training, so that’s what people search for training.  The good news is there is a ton of great affiliate products that you can review, recommend, and even sell to those that visit your site.  (An affiliate product is simply a product made by someone else that you can sell and share in the profit and many are even free to join…)

MLM Affiliate products allow you to share valuable tools, training, and insights that are proven – allowing you to make money with your mlm blog.  This strategy can allow you to earn a profit while you find the key leaders to build your mlm business with.  The profits from your mlm blog can help pay for your mlm companies autoship, the training you require, events, your marketing expenses, and they can even grow into a substantial full time income.  The fact is anyone who purchases an mlm affiliate product from you and your blog is a hot prospect that you will want to follow up with.  They’ve purchased a product so you know they are interested in mlm, they’ve demonstrated that they invest in themselves, and they are serious – isn’t that who you are looking for?

Setting Your MLM Blog in Motion

So, how do you get your mlm blog started?  Before I give you any recommendation let me say this, DO NOT TRY TO RE-INVENT THE WHEEL!  Unfortunately that is what I did at first – and it was painful.  Unless you’ve put together blogs AND had success with internet marketing in the past – don’t try to do it without some guidance, it will cost you a lot of time, money, and effort – that’s what happened to me…

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