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The Ultimate Facebook IPO Strategy

by James Yancey

The Best Way To Invest In Facebook

facebookWhether you participated in or missed the Facebook IPO (initial public offering) of Facebook’s stock you’re in luck because your about to learn the very best way to invest in Facebook if you’re building a business from home and it doesn’t have to cost you a dime.

Before Facebook was a stock, before Facebook allowed advertisements, before the website was even open to the general public it was an “exclusive” social network.

An “exclusive” social network caters to a small group of people, and in Facebook’s case they were initially focused on providing Harvard students with a way to connect and socialize.  Everything else spawned from Facebook’s ability to provide a small group of people a way to connect and socialize based on their common interests, station in life, mindset, and their desire to connect and communicate.

So ask yourself, how are you using Facebook?  Are you building a small group of people who share common interest – are at the same station in life, that have a similar mindset, and then connecting and communicating with them?  Or are you targeting everyone and therefore no one?

Your Chance To Get Rich With The Facebook IPO

If you were hoping for a chance to get rich from the Facebook stock, I hope you worked there and took the stock options – because outside of that, it probably ain’t gonna happen – UNLESS…

You change your focus – from thinking about “their IPO” to focusing on your own “personal IPO.”  What will be your initial public offering to the personal community you’ve built on Facebook?  Will you offer your community a product, a service, information, an opportunity, or will you have several things to offer?

Simply put, when you understand that you can leverage the Facebook platform for riches even if you missed out on the Facebook stock, you’ll understand that there are endless options to print money on Facebook whether you’re focused on direct sales, network marketing, or even traditional business.

Your Facebook Money Machine

facebookTo build your own Facebook money machine – you only need 3 things a target audience of connections, a valuable product, and most importantly a relationship with that audience.

Making money with Facebook has nothing to do with the number of friends you have, it has everything to do with the number of people who like and trust you and have a need or desire for what you’re offering.

Facebook is perfect for making money from building community whether you’re building a personal page, a fan page, or a group – best of all you can scale any of these options up fast – you simply need a plan.

Scaling Up Your Personal Facebook IPO – To Make Money Fast!

Facebook offers entrepreneurs the best of both worlds when launching their own IPO (initial public offering).  You can go the slow and steady route by prospecting for the right people and building relationships one at a time or you can scale your business with a strategy that incorporates ads on Facebook.

Lastly, you can do as I teach my students – to start with prospecting and scale the business with profits to begin marketing directly to your target audience and grow your business not only fast but virally.

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