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Struggling With Information Overload In Your MLM Business?

by James Yancey

The Cure For Info Overload

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Information comes fast, furious, and will never stop. Let me repeat that the information will never stop coming! Embrace the fact that we are in the information age, and you can’t change that fact.

“For things to change you must change.” ~Jim Rohn

So if we understand that information will never stop AND for things to change we must change. We need a simple way to change our current patterns and therefor solve the information overload problem to ultimately change our results.

How To Solve The Information Overload Problem

Information OverloadIf you had to guess, you probably would expect me to say something like time management or focus. They are important, but time management and focus are tactics. Don’t get me wrong tactics can help and are important, but you don’t need tactics you need a solution to information overload.

The only solution to an information overload problem is exercising your power of CHOICE. Who else is better equipped than YOU to choose your personal information needs and threshold? Who else is better equipped than you to choose your ability to process, manage, and implement the tactics and strategies you need TODAY to build your MLM business?

To solve the information overload problem in MLM, internet marketing, or for that matter any business you need to make a decision. You need to decide what to allow into your mind and therefore your world.

The Decision To Eliminate Information Overload

Who’s in control of the information you receive? Do you control your email inbox or does your email inbox control you? Who controls what you read, choose to participate in, who you choose to follow, believe, or give your attention to?

If you understand that YOU are in control, you’ve made your decision. So, take control and determines who you choose to follow, when, and why you choose to let things enter your world.

Implementing Your Decision To Avoid Information Overload

Now that you’re back to the present moment. (Learning to be in the present moment will explode your results, btw!) Take ownership that YOU are the deciding factor and X factor to falling victim to information overload. Until the decision is made nothing can be done, once it is made then and only then can you move forward in your business free of info overload.

The first thing you need to do is determine exactly where you are. What the time you have available to take action, your budget, your natural skill set, what are you most likely to stick to, and which of the strategies you’ve already dabbled in intrigues you most – simply put, what do you like?

Information Overload Is Self-Sabotage

Don’t further delay your success – you don’t need to know everything or be everything to everyone – what you need to do is assess your current skills, your resources, and your willingness to be resourceful. (It is your mlm business isn’t it? – RUN IT!)

The next thing you need to do is CHOOSE, choose your strategy is it offline, is it offline and online. If you plan to incorporate the internet what strategy are you going to pursue content marketing, paid marketing, or simply using social media to prospect and find people you connect with?

If you’re battling info overload simply narrow your focus, pick a target, and shoot until you hit it. Eliminate everything else; you will only master a strategy by mastering the actions and the disciplines of that strategy. (Having knowledge of a strategy is worthless, mastering the action and discipline behind a strategy is where the results you desire wait for you.)

Anyone can join an MLM, how many actually master an invitation? (To see my simple invitation CLICK HERE!) (See, how easy it is to get distracted? but seriously check that out when you finish reading this post!)

Look at it this way just because someone has a video on YouTube doesn’t make them a video marketer. Just because they have a blog, or know how to set one up doesn’t make them a blogger. Just because the asked someone to look at an opportunity doesn’t make them a master prospector. AND, just because someone sent you email, launched a product, is doing a webinar, or is producing more results than you – means you should give them PERMISSION to take you off course.

Information doesn’t develop skills, action, focus, and the discipline to implement a simple plan over time is what develops skills and results. The fast track to success is only fast for those that have mastered moving fast on “A Track” choose your track and avoid information overload forever!

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