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Is Internet Marketing The Answer?

by James Yancey

The Truth About Internet Marketing

internet marketingThere is no doubt that there are billions of people on internet.  There is no doubt that millions upon millions of people are looking for solutions to the challenges they face online.


There is NO doubt that the internet is powerful YET, the internet is absolutely not the answer!

The Internet is a Tool, YOU are the Answer

To succeed inside the Network Marketing industry “YOU” have to develop into the leader people are looking for.  “YOU” have to learn to attract people to you by your thoughts, actions, and activity.  “YOU” have to develop the communication, passion, and ability to transfer your emotion to others.  The success that you achieve will absolutely not come from any other source outside yourself.

Internet Marketing Will Do Nothing For You

The truth is internet marketing will absolutely do nothing for you.  It’s you who have to choose to do something with internet marketing and for the people searching the internet.  There is no easy button online.  “You” have to develop the skills and disciplines to succeed.  The fact is 90% of the skills required to succeed online are also the same skills required to succeed offline.  When it comes to the internet we simply are adding leverage and systems to the tried and true method of building relationships.  Mastering a few simple internet marketing strategies can only give you an edge when you’ve first mastered the basics and most importantly the skill of taking action.  Taking action is a skill you absolutely must master to succeed inside network marketing whether your strategy is focused online or off.

Combining Internet Marketing Into MLM

internet marketingTruth be told Internet Marketing is actually pretty simple the real challenge is developing the ability to decide.  Think about it, I’ll bet this isn’t the first site you’ve come across, I’ll bet you’ve been “THINKING” about generating leads online for a while, and I’ll bet you feel or have felt overwhelmed.  Don’t worry everyone does at first.  If you’re like most people you’ve been exposed to so much information online you don’t know where to start.  What you need to do is stop thinking, stop comparing yourself to others, stop wondering if you have something worth sharing, stop thinking about any marketing strategy, and stop thinking about the cost.

You need to ask yourself this one question, am I committed to building a business.  If you’re committed focus on what you can do right now – and it certainly doesn’t have to be online.  No successful long-term MLM business that genuinely focused on growing a downline is 100% online.  Ignoring the internet is crazy, but so is thinking you will know everything before you get started.  Balancing internet marketing and traditional MLM is something that can only be learned by doing.   So the real answer to the question is internet marketing the answer is – it’s up to “YOU.”  If you develop the skill of making a decision first, improve your communication skills overtime, and last but not least master the ability to take action now – internet marketing will be an incredible tool and asset inside your MLM business.

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