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Internet Marketing Training – The Funded Proposal

by James Yancey

Internet Marketing Training

The most vital component of any internet marketing campaign is capturing qualified leads.  If you’re doing any marketing for your MLM business online and you’re not building a list you are leaving the majority of revenue on the table.

The fact is the majority of people marketing online are leading with their MLM company’s website.  While I commend them for making an effort online, the truth is very few will make money – let alone build a team.  Simply because of 2 reasons.  The 1st is because replicated MLM websites have NO obvious way to capture and follow up with interested visitors and 2nd very few people join with out connecting with another person, quality prospects are smart enough to know they need to join a business with someone that can help them in the business.

So, if you’re here and you’ve stepped up and started building your MLM business online or if you’re wondering where to start, CONGRATULATIONS!  You’re about to learn the key to building any MLM business online and if you stick with it, get through the initial learning curve you’ll soon be on your way to build any business or opportunity YOU choose.

The Funded Proposal – A Critical Internet Marketing Training

A funded proposal is simply a method of marketing that creates revenue simply from the act of marketing.  The easiest way to look at this is getting paid to generate leads, to be clear I said getting paid to generate leads, not getting paid to build an MLM business.  When marketing using a funded proposal inside MLM, your goal is to cast a wide net on the MLM industry as a whole – not simply your MLM business.  Then offer, sell, promote, solutions to the entire industry.  Because you have a wide and targeted audience and you’re offering solutions, sales will naturally follow – the sales you make offering proven solutions fund your marketing efforts, while at the same time provide you with a quality list of opportunity buyers and seekers who are willing to invest in themselves and in their success.

As you can see a funded proposal internet marketing strategy allows you to target the right people and it’s from this pool that you attract the serious builders to your MLM business, and at the same time have the opportunity to build an income regardless of whether or not a prospect joins your MLM business.  The truth is most prospects won’t join your business which is why you must have a way to create income from other areas like marketing training, prospecting, and lead generation strategies.  There are tons of reputable products that you can sell online without having to re-create the wheel.

Want an even clearer understanding – What the video below now!

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