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Branding…. Is It Even Important?

by James Yancey

brandingIs it just me or is everyone talking about brandingBranding “Experts” are absolutely everywhere.  Social media branding experts, video branding experts, blog branding, email branding – branding, branding, branding – it’s completely ridiculous!

A Different Perspective On Branding

The whole idea of branding has been blown completely out of proportion.  We’ve all heard the old adage, “beauty is only skin deep” yet it seems that many self-proclaimed branding experts have led many business owners to believe that image trumps value.

If you’re new to online marketing you’re probably looking to brand yourself do yourself a favor save your time, money, and efforts and focus on providing unique value don’t worry about branding, look at branding as simply a bonus.  Branding on its own is worthless and will only consume your time and money.  By choosing to focus on providing value your brand will absolutely take care of itself.  Creating quality content that can be easily shared allows any branding that occurs to be by product of the value you’re sharing.  The market is hungry for value, not an artificial image.  Think of it this way. Would you rather be known for having a great recognizable “brand” or being known inside your target audience as the person who provides useful information, valuable tools, insights, and resources inside your niche?

Are You Branding… ME TOO!

With so many online marketers shouting about branding you probably don’t know what to believe.  Yet, I think you know enough to run in the other direction when a stampede is coming at you, ignore the noise.  The truth is that high quality prospects don’t buy brands they buy value.  Very few people actually care about aesthetics online, they care about value.

Don’t get me wrong; obviously you want to portray yourself in a good light, simply remember that value and content are the critical factors to your eventual online marketing success.  Keep it simple; learn from Google’s example – a plain white page with a search bar, nothing else but a whole lot of value.  Share your value and everything else will take care of itself.

Implementing Branding In Your Business

brandingThe most important step is to start where you are – you don’t need to be everywhere.  Anyone telling you need to be on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Myspace, Squidoo, and all that other crap is full of  capital B – capital S.  To see results in your online marketing efforts you absolutely don’t need to have a huge online presence.  You simply need to focus on what you can do right now.  Whether your blogging, connecting with prospects on social media, sharing online videos, or just getting started focus on one thing.  The only path to success is get proficient then eventually master one simple strategy.  When you’ve mastered one strategy a brand and a following will begin to develop on its own.  So forget about branding and get started sharing your value and connecting with your prospects.

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