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How To Market Your Network Marketing Business Online In 3 Easy Steps

by James Yancey

Let’s get right to it! The biggest secret and first step to getting started with online marketing in your Network Marketing business is the easiest step of all. It’s the easiest to do and the easiest not to do. It’s also a something I’ll bet you’ve heard before, now it’s time to accept it!


Well I’m sure you’ve learned something since joining the industry of Network Marketing. If you haven’t pay close attention because you’re about to learn everything you need to know to build an empire online. You get started by leading with value. Don’t lead with your business, lead with valuable information and insight. You do this simply by sharing what you’ve learned about the Network Marketing industry, people, life, finances, and marketing, and then contributing this knowledge to others. In a nut shell base your content around something you learned or if you don’t know much yet, search for something you want to learn, learn it, then put it in your own words and share it. Don’t over complicate it, this is easy stuff! Remember always lead with value.

Next simply make what you’ve learned available online so you can be found on the web.

Don’t over complicate it; you can pick the format that best suits your personality and budget. You can choose from articles, video, audio, or even blogging. Simply take action and do it.

The 2nd step is absolutely critical to your online success, and another step you’ve probably already been told to do. The second step is to CREATE YOUR LIST!

You’ve got to give the person who found your content a way to continue the relationship. You do this by offering more value. You don’t need to be fancy, be a guru, or anything you can even do it for free and without a web-site. Simply lead the reader to an action at the end of your content. Something like, “For a free report on how to BLANK, send an email to me at Now you’ve got your prospect e-mailing YOU, for more info! Now that you’ve got someone who relates to your message, keep the conversation going by teaching, telling stories, offering products you find valuable, then invite the people on your list to take a look at your Network Marketing business. Leading with value, created your list – share your opportunity with people who recognize your value. As more people find your content and value online your list grows, your knowledge grows, your market grows, and best of all your bank account grows.

The 3rd step is to rinse and repeat! Keep Going!

You are well on your way to developing into a master with your first action. Whether you choose to write articles, market with video or even audio, be consistent. Accept that you will be uncomfortable at the beginning and push through you will become more confident with action and less confident the longer you wait. Most importantly don’t believe the hype you won’t get rich overnight. Simply implement these secrets and you’ll have a break through. Make your actions habits. Develop an action based daily discipline. If you are not sharing something 3 to 5 times a week you’re not in the game. If you make it a habit to share as you learn you will earn as you learn. It’s easier than you think, just get it done, and be consistent, be creative, and most importantly enjoy the journey.

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