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3000BC – Will This Skin Care Business Work For You?

by James Yancey

The Official 3000BC Skin Care Review

3000BC Reviews3000BC is a relatively new direct sales opportunity based of Philadelphia, PA and if you’re here you probably know that the company markets a line of skin care products backed and based on scientific studies.  Chances are if you already knew that you are most likely doing your due diligence and trying to make an educated decision and determine if 3000BC is the best opportunity for you to pursue inside a home based business.

That is why in this unbiased 3rd party review I will give you a detailed overview of the 3000BC company, leadership, products, and compensation plan. If you pay close attention you’ll even learn exactly what it takes to succeed and how you can make the 3000BC opportunity work for you.

The Leaders Behind 3000BC

The network marketing and business opportunity arm of 3000BC was launched in February of 2011 by the company’s founder Korin Korman.  Korin initially founded 3000BC as a network of retail spa’s over 18 years ago – and as a savvy entrepreneur she saw the value of her product and the opportunity to get it in the hands of a large group of people and at the same time empower entrepreneurs to be able to earning money from home.

The mission of 3000BC is to help thousands of people start a successful business of their own – across the US and around the world, to help millions of people achieve healthier skin through the company’s unique approach and products, and ultimately change the way people purchase skin care products.

The 3000BC Skincare Product Line

3000BC ReviewsThe 3000BC product line was developed over 20 years by their founder Korin Korman. Korin suffered from acne in her youth and made it a mission to find a solution to her and many others skin challenges.  Today, the company’s product line includes over 100 personal care items featuring antioxidants, proteins, emollients and organic essential oils.

3000BC also offers a comprehensive collection of FDA approved, clinical-grade skin care products that offer a 100% money back guarantee.

What really sets 3000BC apart is their Skin Scope which is an optional piece of equipment that can show you potential customer’s a diagnostic that reports what’s going on with their skin in less than a minute.  Giving potential customers a way to see for themselves the damage their skin has suffered from sun, aging, dehydration, excess oils, cellular build up, and even things beneath the surface of the skin.

The 3000BC Compensation Plan

To get started in 3000BC as an Independent Skin Care Advisor requires the purchase of the company’s starter kit for $199.00. The kit includes a personal website, online tools, products and business supplies for approximately four shows.  New Advisor’s can upgrade and purchase the a business builder pack for $299.00.

The 3000BC compensation plan is based on a uni-level plan which means you can sponsor an unlimited amount of distributors personally and create a wide organization.  As those distributors begin to sponsor other distributors into their teams depth is created and the 3000BC compensation plan allows you to benefit by earning income through 3 levels of depth as you grow and develop your sales organization.

The 3000BC opportunity allows for immediate income from personal retail sales commission-able up to 35%.  While base commission starts at 25%, the company allows their Advisors to earn a bonus of 5%-10% based on their sales volume, as well as volume from the team they create.  Lastly 3000BC rewards their producing Advisors with one time cash awards as they advance through the company’s leadership ranks.

Overall the 3000BC compensation plan appears to be potentially lucrative for the individual who can create a large loyal customer base and help others to do the same.

How To Build A Successful 3000BC Business

Ultimately, 3000BC is a Network Marketing opportunity and even with a product line based on scientific research and ageing population who wants to maintain their skin.  The truth of the matter is that none of the facts outlined in this review impact a distributor’s chances for success.

To build even a part-time income in 3000BC or any Network Marketing company is based on your ability to sale products and enroll new people into your business.  The facts don’t lie your 3000BC rewards those that sell products and build teams and that skill is based on the ability to market and generate qualified leads looking for an opportunity.

This is why, I highly recommend anyone interested in starting a 3000BC business implement a proven Network Marketing Lead Generation System.  A quality system must allow you to brand yourself as a leader, teach and allow you to generate leads, as well as help you generate income from the individuals not interested in the 3000BC opportunity.  If you care about skin, care about people and implement a Network Marketing Lead Generation System like the one I’ve just described 3000BC could be the opportunity that works for you, makes a difference in your life, and many others.

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