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5 Linx Review- Is 5 Linx As Good As You've Heard?

by James Yancey

A 3rd Party Review of 5 Linx

5 Linx ReviewsLooking for more details on 5 Linx?  If I had to make an educated guess, I would guess that you were either looking for information because you heard some details on the 5 Linx business got excited and even joined without doing the research first and are now playing catch up.  My second guess would be that you’re weighing your options and are doing your due diligence before making your decision.  If either of my 2 guesses are even close to what bring you here you’ve  found what you’re looking for – because in this 5 Linx review I will share with you the important details about the company, their services, the compensation plan and most importantly a strategy that can put the odds in your favor to win should you join 5 linx.

About 5 Linx

5 Linx Reviews5 Linx was founded in 2001 by Jeb Tyler, Craig Jerabeck and Jason Guck.  By combining their 40 plus years of experience in telecom and Network Marketing 5 Linx has garnered accolades in both telecom and the network marketing industry.

5 Linx launched their business laser focused on (VoIP) voice over IP services, or internet based phone service with video phone technology.  Over their 10 plus year history the company has continued to add services that now include cellular phones and plans from all major carriers, satellite TV service, home security services, identity theft protection, merchant accounts, electricity in a handful of states, and more.

Like their competitors inside the MLM telecom space, 5 Linx has had the foresight to recognize telecom has changed and has sought out alternatives outside of telecom to secure their business and the opportunity for new distributors.

An important thing to consider when taking a close and critical look at 5 Linx is that the vast majority of what they offer is based on licenses they hold to market – the services of others, and not their own services which clearly a risk.   However, with the proven track record of the company founders and their expertise in Network Marketing as distributors and executives you can feel secure that the business will continue to evolve in a way that provides a significant opportunity.

The 5 Linx Compensation Plan

No 5 Linx review would be complete without looking into the compensation plan.  A new distributor can get started in 5 Linx for $249 once enrolled new distributors simply need to choose one or more of 5 Linx services to replace their existing service.  The only ongoing overhead is a nominal fee to get access to a suite of marketing and business tracking services.

The 5 Linx compensation plan is based on a uni-level plan, in a uni-level compensation plan distributors can personally sponsor an unlimited number of distributors personally and as those new distributors begin to sponsor others depth is created in the organization and 5 Linx pays distributors through 7 levels.  5 Linx offers immediate income and long-term residual income when new customers are acquired for the company.  5 Linx does require new customers be acquired for any bonuses to be paid regardless if you’re a new or an established distributor in the business and gives you 30 days earn your first bonus starting the first day you join.

As you begin to build your team in 5 Linx the company gives you the ability to earn when new business builders join your team and get their customers.  All in all the company offers customer bonuses, bonus pools, a car bonus program, and rank advancement bonuses.

From my evaluation the 5 Linx’s compensation plan like most MLM companies rewards leadership and can be lucrative for those with a strong work ethic, ability, influence, and marketing skills.

So, Is 5 Linx A Good Opportunity and How Can I Succeed?

The fact is 5 Linx has been around for over a decade and has proven to be a stable opportunity, with a potentially lucrative compensation plan.  So, I don’t think there is any doubt that 5 Linx is a great company and opportunity.  Unfortunately most people you try to share the 5 Linx opportunity with won’t care and many won’t even want to hear anything about the 5 Linx opportunity.  That is unless they are looking for an opportunity and even open to an opportunity like 5 Linx.

The long and short of it is 5 Linx is a network marketing company, and to succeed in network marketing requires distributors to either generate or already have access to a large and continuous flow of people seeking an opportunity.  The fact is without a steady ongoing flow of business minded leads you like many before you, will struggle in 5 Linx.

This is why I whole heartedly recommend anyone looking to join 5 Linx learn how to market to attract leads to them rather than only talking to friends and family.  Talking to friends and family may get you a few customers to start, but the odds that your existing friends and family will actually help you build a successful long-term business like the one you desire are incredibly slim and I’m sure you already knew that.

Now that you the fact, I want you to STOP – and imagine for a moment, what if you went to work, to learn and implement some simple and proven marketing strategies that could allow you to generate fresh motivated leads every day that were hungry for an mlm opportunity.  You could write your own ticket in 5 Linx, or any mlm company you ever chose to join.  Does that make sense?  Of course it does, so if  you’re looking for true control of you own destiny, income, and lifestyle, 5 linx could be the answer – you’re seeking, you simply need the marketing skills to make it happen!

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