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ACN Review- Is ACN The Right MLM Company?

by James Yancey

ACN Reviews

ACN ReviewsLooking for more details on ACN?  If I were a gambler I would bet that you were either looking for information on ACN because you saw the business overview got excited and joined without doing the research first and are now playing catch up or you’re considering joining and are doing your due diligence before pulling the trigger.  Whatever the case you’ve found what you are looking for – because in this ACN review I will share with you the important details about the company, their services, the compensation plan and most importantly a strategy that can enhance your odds of success.

About ACN

ACN was founded in 1993 by Greg Provenzano, and “the twins” Tony and Mike Cupisz.  The company is headquartered in Farmington Hills in Michigan and markets telecom and other essential services in approximately 20 countries.   ACN first garnered noteworthy attention in 1998 when they were only marketing long distance service and grew to the 22nd fastest growing company in the United States according to INC. Magazine.  Fast forward to today and ACN has added a full array of services to continue their growth as well as provide new opportunities to those looking to join the ACN business.

More About The ACN Services

ACN ReviewsACN launched as an alternative long distance carrier and has had to transition their initial business model as the telecom industry has changed over time, as the profitability of telecom has continued to get squeezed ACN has been flexible and sought out new services to market including – , VOIP or digital phone service, video  phones, cell phone service, home security, satellite TV, internet, and energy.

An important thing to consider when taking a close look at ACN is that they don’t really provide anything as a company, they simply have license to market products of other companies which could be considered a risk.   However, with the proven track record of the company founders and their expertise in Network Marketing as distributors and executives and their proactive approach in adding alternatives outside of telecom you can feel secure that you can build a business for the long term.

The ACN Compensation Plan

No ACN review would be complete without looking into the compensation plan.  A new distributor can get started in ACN for $499 once enrolled new distributors simply need to choose one or more of ACN services and replace  their existing service to ACN’s service to remain active.

The ACN compensation plan is based on a uni-level compensation plan, in a uni-level plan distributors can personally sponsor an unlimited number of distributors personally as those new distributors begin to sponsor others depth is created in the organization and ACN pays distributors through 7 levels.  ACN offers immediate income and long term income when new customers are acquired for the company.  ACN does require 6 to 8 customers  be attained for bonuses to be paid regardless of where a new distributor is in the compensation plan, and also  requires an individual to enroll a minimum of 2 qualified business partners before they are able to earn from the efforts of their team.  From my evaluation ACN’s compensation plan like most MLM companies rewards leadership and can be lucrative for those with a strong work ethic, ability, influence, and marketing skills.

Is ACN The Right Company?  A Game Plan For Success In ACN

The fact is ACN has been around for a while and has proven to be a stable opportunity with a potentially lucrative compensation plan.  Unfortunately most people you try to share ACN with won’t care and many won’t want to even hear anything about the ACN opportunity.  That is unless they are looking for an opportunity and an opportunity like ACN.  So, the question of if ACN is the right company is simply wrong question – the right question is are you the right person for ACN.

The long and short of it is ACN is a network marketing company, and to succeed in network marketing requires  distributors to generate or have access to a large and steady flow of opportunity seeking leads.  The fact is without a steady flow of open minded entrepreneurial leads you like many others will struggle in ACN.

This is why I highly recommend anyone considering ACN learn how to market to attract leads to them rather than only talking to friends and family.  Chasing friend and family may get you a few customers, but the odds that your existing friends and family will lead you to build a thriving business are incredibly slim and you already knew that.  However, imagine if you went to work, to learn and implement some simple and proven strategies to generate your own leads, you would hold all the cards, and could build ACN, or any mlm company you choose, or ever decide to join.  Giving you true control of you own destiny, income, and lifestyle. So the next step, it’s up to you!

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