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Adjuice – Is This MLM The Next Groupon?

by James Yancey

If you’re here you’re looking for an unbiased review of the Adjuice business opportunity – you have certainly found it.  In addition to details about the company and compensation plan I’ll bet you also want to know if Adjuice can experience growth similar to Groupon and become known as the Groupon MLM.  If that’s the case you are in the right place so be sure to pay close attention to this short yet detailed Adjuice Review.

What Is AdJuice?

AdJuice is a Network Marketing company that is taking advantage of the group-buying space. The company offers substantial discounts at restaurants, stores, spas and other businesses and allows people to sign up and share the savings.  AdJuice, Inc. is a wholly owned corporation of Beyond Commerce, Inc and was formerly Kaching Kaching.

Who Is Behind AdJuice

AdJuice is a publicly traded company headed by Bob McNulty.  Mr. McNulty is an accomplished entrepreneur with over 25 years in the field of specialty retail, e-commerce, branded consumer products, retail start-ups, and has developed technology platforms for utilization in the retail industry.  Prior to AdJuice Mr. McNulty created and served as its President and CEO, and obviously brings a wealth of experience to the Adjuice team.

They company launched their beta site in October 2009 as Kaching Kaching, and opened for business in the last quarter of 2010.  Because this review is impartial transparency is everything – the company had a lot of excitement behind their initial launch, however; the excitement slowed for Kaching Kaching and in February of 2011 they emerged as Adjuice.

How Does AdJuice Pay You?

Ad Juice has elected to pay their reps utilizing a binary compensation plan.  The AdJuice compensation plan pays $100 for every independent marketing representative (IMR) you personally enroll, $25 goes into a quarterly bonus pool.  When an IMR refers a merchant to the Ad Juice program the IMR earns 15% commission on each transaction with merchant they refer.  AdJuice takes 5% of the gross profit from all daily deals and applies it to their profit sharing pool.  The compensation plan is pretty simple and as you build a network of retail stores looking to participate in group buying niche as well as a team of IMR’s there is potential to create a significant income.

Success In Adjuice

While there is no guarantee that Adjuice will become the next Groupon the company is certainly using a concept that makes sense and in a growing niche.  If you’re attracted to the group-buying concept and want to put yourself in the best position to build a successful Adjuice business I highly recommend you implement a personalized MLM Lead Generation System.  To succeed in Adjuice or any Network Marketing business you must put the business opportunity in front of a high number of qualified prospects, warm market prospecting will never be enough to grow a large business.  If you want to succeed in Adjuice and are seeking training on how to implement a proven MLM Marketing System now is the time to take action.

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