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AMA Nation Review – Is AMA Nation The Right Company?

by James Yancey

AMA Nation ReviewIf you’ve come across this AMA Nation Review you’re most likely trying to find out if this company also known as America Approved is the right company for you.  In this AMA Nation Review I’ll give you the details on the leadership, the service, the compensation plan, and exactly what it takes to succeed in AMA Nation

About The Company – AMA Nation Review

AMA Nation is a re-seller of electricity in the Network Marketing industry.  The company was founded in November of 2009 and is based out of Fort Meyers, Florida and is the exclusive Network Marketing division of Public Power, LLC a licensed residential and commercial supplier of electricity in several of the deregulated electricity markets.  In doing your due diligence into the company it’s important to recognize you must understand that America Approved or AMA Nation is simply the marketing arm of Public Power, LLC therefore you must review both companies.  In my review it appears that both companies are in capable hands.  The CEO of Public Power, LLC Robert Gries hails from a successful entrepreneurial family and is an accomplished businessman in his own right.  The CEO of AMA Nation Scott Turner has the track record and leadership skill to give America Approved a great chance to succeed.

The Service – AMA Nation Review

AMA Nation provides electricity on residential and commercial accounts in several states that are deregulated.  The company has combined the savings on their primary electricity service with a saving dollars program.  This program is designed to save cusotmers money on 1000’s of brand name selections to increase the value and loyalty of AMA Nation’s customers.  While competitors of AMA Nation have similar programs they have incorporated their savings program in a unique way that clearly differentiates them from the other companies in this market.

AMA Nation Review – The Compensation Plan

The AMA Nation compensation plan offers 8 ways to produce income.  There are 4 ways to create immediate income and 4 ways to create residual on going income.  AMA Nation has a unique compensation plan that is a hybrid of a binary and uni-level plan which pays through 5 levels.  The overall compensation plan offers 5 leadership positions and appears to have many benefits for achieving the specific metrics in the plan.  From what I’ve been able to uncover their plan offers significant rewards for those that build large teams as 2 of the 8 ways to create income in AMA Nation are reserved for the top producers.

In Conclusion, What’s It Take To Succeed In AMA Nation?

Ultimately AMA Nation is a Network Marketing opportunity and even though they have a competent leadership, a great service, savings program, and an intriguing compensation plan.  None of these factors positively impact a distributor’s ability to succeed.  To succeed in AMA Nation or any Network Marketing company you have to master locating qualified business partners and then sponsor them into your business.  In other words your success comes down to your ability to market and generate qualified leads.  This is why I highly recommend anyone interested in creating a substantial full time income in AMA Nation implement a proven Attraction Marketing System. This system must allow you to brand yourself as a leader, teach and allow you to generate leads, as well as help you generate income from the individuals who don’t want to join you’re  business.  If you tie this online Attraction Marketing System and branding with a solid strategy AMA Nation could be the right company and the opportunity you’ve always been seeking.

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