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Ampegy Review – Do Not Join Ampegy Until You Read This!

by James Yancey

Ampegy Review – Do Not Join Ampegy Until You Read This!

Ampegy ReviewIf you’ve chosen to click on this Ampegy Review you’re probably wondering if Ampegy has what it takes to become the next big company in the MLM energy market.  In this Ampegy Review I’ll discuss the opportunity, the leadership, the compensation plan, and what it takes to be successful in this business.  After reading this Ampegy Review you will be in position to not only make an informed decision you’ll also know exactly what you need to do to accomplish your financial goals in Ampegy.

The Opportunity – Ampegy Review

Ampegy is a new Network Marketing company that is actually an affiliate or distributor for Spark Energy.  Ampegy is looking to capitalize on the deregulation of the US energy markets by offering customers the opportunity to switch to an alternative provider Spark and save on residential electricity and natural gas.  Ampegy is launching their service in specific territories of 7 states including Texas, California, New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Connecticut.  Ampegy being the most recent company in the energy market has an interesting plan which is to initially offer more states than the current players in efforts to establish market share and attract distributors.  This is reflected in their tag line more markets more opportunity.

The Corporate Leadership – Ampegy Review

When evaluating Ampegy there are two companies to consider.  An Ampegy Review would not be complete without revealing that Ampegy is not in the energy business, they are simply the marketing arm for the parent company Spark Energy.  It is important to understand that all Spark Energy’s decisions effect Ampegy’s future.  The CEO and Founder of Spark Energy Keith Maxwell is the visionary behind Spark Energy and Ampegy and has been building Spark since 1999.  Mr. Maxwell brought on Waters Davis to be the Executive Vice President of Spark Energy and the President of the Network Marketing arm of Ampegy.  Mr. Davis brings a Harvard education and more than 20 years business experience to the company.  This corporate team understood they did not have the necessary Network Marketing expertise and brought on Network Marketing professional Steve Smith who was a successful distributor at Excel Communications, and previously helped launch iJango prior to leading Ampegy.

The Compensation Plan – Ampegy Review

Ampegy has two 2 ways to get started in the business, one focused only on customer acquisition, the other on building a team.  This Ampegy compensation review focuses on the individuals who are looking to build a team.  The company’s compensation plan is a uni-level plan with coded bonuses.  In total the company offers five lucrative ways to earn including fast start bonuses, residual income, business development bonuses, customer development bonuses, and a check matching bonus up to 25%.  There is no doubt that Ampegy’s compensation plan definitely offers a fair and lucrative opportunity for any distributor who is focused on the appropriate actions and builds a large organization of customers and distributors.

How Do I Succeed in Ampegy?

Ultimately Ampegy is a Network Marketing opportunity and even though they have a competent corporate staff, an awesome service, and an exciting compensation plan.  The truth is none of this has any impact on an Ampegy distributor’s ability to succeed.  This Ampegy Review reveals that to succeed you have to master the ability to not only Network but Market to locate quality people and sponsor them into your Ampegy business.  Therefore, your success comes down to your ability to generate quality leads.  If you are truly seeking success in Ampegy I highly recommend implementing an Attraction Marketing System with proven results.  This system must teach you the skills to brand yourself, generate leads, as well as allow you to generate income from the prospects who don’t want to join you’re  Ampegy business.  When you tie this online Attraction Marketing System and personal branding with a solid strategy Ampegy absolutely could be the opportunity you’ve always been seeking.

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