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Ariix Review – Is Ariix the Gold Standard for MLM Nutrition Companies?

by James Yancey

What Is Ariix?

Ariix is a brand new company that as currently in Pre-launch.  The company’s official launch is currently scheduled for January of 2012.  So, if you’re considering Ariix pay close attention to the information in this Ariix Review.

Just Another Health & Wellness MLM Or Is Ariix Different?

AriixHealth and Wellness is one of the largest categories in Network Marketing.  Ariix is looking to differentiate themselves by offering the highest quality – sciences driven products for total health.  The company is focused on a vision of unlocking the human potential for good.  Ariix is basing the company’s culture on the golden rule – by helping others, everyone benefits.

Ariix comes from the Latin root word gold – as Ariix is striving to be the gold standard in nutritional products.  All Ariix nutritional supplements have a 100% potency guarantee are are made with pharmaceutical grade ingredients.  The current product line includes vitamins, minerals, rejuveniix (a super fruit blend), vinali (promotes healthy skin), and omega q (heart health).

The Ariix Management Team – Ariix Review

Ariix has an impressive leadership and management team with over 80 years combined experience.  The CEO of Ariix is Dr. Fred Cooper who is the former President and Chief Operating Officer of Usana a large publically traded Network Marketing company within the Health and Wellness niche’.  Dr. Cooper’s founding Ariix is creating a stir and several leaders are rumored to be leaving Usana to join the Ariix opportunity.  Dr. Cooper has surrounded himself with an experienced corporate team and has also attracted Tim Sales as a founding distributor.  Tim Sales is Network Marketing legend and has been providing tool, scripts, and systems to the industry as a whole for years. 

Activ8 – The Ariix Compensation Plan

The Ariix compensation plan is something that the company has chosen to brand as The Activ8.  Ariix has chosen to use what is for all intents and purposes a compensation plan that is based on a binary compensation plan.   The primary difference is that it allows you to have up to 3 legs that payout against the power leg immediately.  Furthermore, the Ariix compensation plan allows for additional pay lines as you max at weekly income in any given leg at $2000 in weekly income.  In most binary compensation plans additional legs are only awarded to top producers for achieving a high level or results.   Ultimately, unless you’re recruiting very large numbers of distributors personally you’ll want to focus on your 1st pay leg and build it like a binary.  The Ariix– Activ8 compensation plan has different ways to earn income.  The most significant component to the compensation plan is that during the current pre-launch distributors have an opportunity and option to earn 2 times the normal commissions for the same work.  Only time will tell if this feature will become permanent.   Ariix also offers a car bonus program with payout from $200 to $2000 and 2 companywide bonus pools.  The Ariix compensation plan appears to be pretty balanced allowing distributors to pay for their autoship with as few as 4 personally sponsored distributors while at the same time awarding large builders with opportunities to create significant overrides and team bonuses.

Success In Ariix – Is Not About The Vitamins

Ultimately pre-launch or not Ariix is a Network Marketing opportunity and even with a focus on high quality products, a competent leadership team, and a creative compensation plan.  The truth of the matter is that none of these facts have any impact on a distributor’s success.  To really win big in Ariix your success is 100% tied to your ability to enroll and sponsor new people into your business.  The fact is your success will be based on your ability to market and generate qualified leads.  Therefore, I highly recommend anyone interested in creating a high level of income in Ariix implement a proven Attraction Marketing System.  A quality system must teach not only how to, but also allow you to brand yourself as a leader, teach and allow you to generate leads, as well as help you generate income from the individuals not interested in the Ariix opportunity.  If you tie this Attraction Marketing System and branding with a solid game plan and strategy Ariix could be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.


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