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Wondering If Avon Is The Right Choice? Get The Facts In This Avon Review Now!

by James Yancey

Avon Review

Avon ReviewsLet’s cut to the chase Avon is an extremely solid and proven company in the Network Marketing and direct sales industry.  In fact, Avon is the largest direct sales company in the world and is currently producing over 10 billion in annual sales.  So, if you’re here you’re probably doing some basic fact-finding before making you’re final decision.   I’ll even go as far as to guess you are most interested in finding out as much as you can on how you can succeed in Avon.  That is why in this Avon review – we’ll briefly cover some relevant facts about the company, the compensation plan, but most importantly a plan to help you succeed should you choose to join Avon.

About Avon

The story behind Avon is an interesting one, because the idea for the company was discovered by accident.  The company was founded by David McConnell who prior to starting Avon was selling books and he had begun giving away rose oil perfumes to attract women to his books – and quickly saw an opportunity.  In 1886 McConnell started the California Perfume Company and in 1939 the company was renamed to Avon.

Avon began selling perfume through multi-level marketing, and today the company produces makeup, bath and skin lotions, anti-aging cream, perfumes, jewelry, clothing, cosmetics, and toys.   Avon products are currently sold in over 140 countries through retail and direct sales channels.  While there is no doubt that the vast majority of Avon products are designed for women, they do have a line of products for men and children that is beginning to expand.

Today, Avon is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange and is run by Chairman and CEO Andrea Jung.  Ms. Jung is responsible for developing and executing all of the company’s long-term growth strategies, launching new brand initiatives, and developing earnings opportunities for women worldwide.

The Avon Compensation Plan

New distributors can get started in Avon for $10 giving them access to the full benefits of the Avon compensation plan.  In which they have the ability to earn 20-50% commission on their personal sales.  In addition to their personal sales Avon distributors can take advantage of the multi-level marketing plan.

The Avon multi-level compensation plan is based on a uni-level plan.  A uni-level compensation plan allows distributors to enroll an unlimited amount of distributors personally and as those distributors begin to enroll others depth is created and Avon rewards distributors through 3 levels.  Multi-level Earnings are paid out based on the group sales of your team allowing “Avon Ladies” to earn 3-12% in commission for their overall organizations sales.  All facts considered the Avon compensation plan has the potential to be lucrative for women that are motivated and focus their attention to building a large and stable sales organization.

Why Do So Many Women Fail in Avon?

Obviously Avon is a great company, but why do so many women still struggle?  The fact is while Avon has been around for a long time they are in the product and opportunity business – not the entrepreneur training business.

More often that not Avon distributors will struggle due to a lack of people to sell products to and a lack of qualified leads for the Avon opportunity.  When it comes to building a successful Avon business customers and qualified business leads are the lifeblood of the business and without a steady flow of qualified leads most distributors will fail.

How To Increase Your Odds of Success in Avon

When it comes to marketing Avon the company focuses distributors on networking within the people they know sadly the days of chasing friends and family, home parties, and prospecting at the mall are no longer time effective or financially effective for most distributors and unfortunately this is what’s being taught by Avon and most mlm companies.

While that strategy can work, it’s certainly not a strategy I would recommend not when there are over 16,000 searches per month conducted by women looking for information on how to sell or join Avon.  Imagine if you knew how to effectively position yourself online in front of this enormous market?  What would your Avon empire look like if you had an endless stream of targeted prospects wanting to join?

To succeed in Avon or any network marketing business you need pre-qualified leads and to obtain pre-qualified leads you must have marketing experience or get access to training to learn the skills necessary to get leads daily.  Lastly you need a system that ties training and lead generation together so the process can be duplicated by the leaders who join your team.

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