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Bamboo Pink Jewelry – The Official Bamboo Pink Review

by James Yancey

What’s Bamboo Pink All About?

Bamboo PinkBamboo Pink is a relatively new direct sales company headquartered in Irvine, California.  They are a jewelry company that offers an interesting product and compensation plan and in this official Bamboo Pink Review we will review the product, the management team, the compensation plan, and most importantly the best way to ensure your success in Bamboo Pink. 

Bamboo Pink is branding their jewelry as affordable luxury.  The company offers jewelry ranging in price from $19 to $100.  The Bamboo Pink product line features a wide array of earrings, bangles, bracelets, rings, pendants, and necklaces.  With interesting designs utilizing crystals as well as seasonal colored stones in turquoise, coral and more.

The Bamboo Pink Team

Bamboo Pink’s mission is to empower you to fashion your own path to success.  The company’s core values are the principals of integrity, strength, and creativity.  Bamboo Pink was founded by Frances Gadbois, Jude Steele, and Debbie Millar.  Frances Gadbois and Jude Steele bring a wealth of experience having built a traditional business and brand in fine jewelry.  Debbie Millar was brought in to complete the team she is a respected image consultant and a co-founder of HOM Real Estate.  Although none of the founding team has any previous Network Marketing experience they do have a solid and successful background in traditional business and I believe they have the ability to build a large successful company.

The Compensation Plan – Bamboo Pink Review

Bamboo Pink is utlizing direct sales to promote their product line and uses home parties to acquire customers and build a team.  The company offers a robust Network Marketing uni-level compensation plan that offers 7 levels of commission overrides.  All personal sales are rewarded with a 20% commission.  As you build your Bamboo Pink sales team you can benefit from 8 leadership ranks and as you progress to the higher ranks of the Bamboo Pink compensation plan there are car bonuses and one time rank advancement bonuses.  Personal retailing is a major component even at the higher ranks in the company which is definitely worthy of consideration for those looking to build a large team and network within Bamboo PinkBamboo Pink has 4 ways to get started as a distributor allowing those who get started to select the option that makes the most sense for their budget and needs.

Success in Bamboo Pink

Party plans have been proven to work within Network Marketing and jewelry is obviously something that is natural to share.  That being said those wanting to make significant income in Bamboo Pink must recognize that they must be able to consistently sell.  Bamboo Pink products are not consumable each month is a brand new start.  Therefore serious Bamboo Pink distributors must learn the fundamental skills of Attraction Marketing.  Mastering sales, marketing, and promotion is the only surefire way to succeed in Bamboo Pink or any home based business.  To build a large income in Bamboo Pink building a team is a must and I recommend anyone serious about building a large team and income implement an Attraction Marketing System.  A quality system must not only teach the how to’s, but also allow you to brand yourself, it must also teach you and allow you to generate leads, as well as give you the ability to generate income from indiviudals not interested in the Bamboo Pink opportunity.  If you tie this Attraction Marketing System with a solid game plan and strategy Bamboo Pink could be the opportunity that provides you with the lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of.

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