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Beyond Organic Review – Will Beyond Organic Feed Your Bank Account?

by James Yancey

An Unbiased 3rd Party Beyond Organic Review

Beyond Organic ReviewNetwork Marketing is an incredible industry with a ton of opportunity and while there are a lot of great niches inside MLM – many have come to be expected and accepted.  Beyond Organic has stepped outside what is normal, typical, and is bringing something unexpected to the marketplace.  So, if you’re here looking into Beyond Organic for the first time or doing some due diligence prior to joining you’re in the right place.  In this Beyond Organic Review, I’ll give an in-depth review of the company, the product line, the compensation plan, and even give you a strategy that can put you in the very best position to succeed inside Beyond Organic.

About Beyond Organic

Beyond Organic is a food and beverage company that offers high quality products straight from the farm.  The company is scheduled to launch in October of 2011.  Beyond Organic’s mission is to “transform the health of the United States and world one life at a time.”  Their farm is over 9,000 acres, contains thousands of cattle, and produces millions of gallons of water per day from their springs – the warehouses are headquarters are located in Kansas City, Missouri.

Jordan Rubin, brings Beyond Organic to the market, and brings a track record having founded Garden for Life and authored several books including ‘The Makers Diet’ and ‘The Raw Truth’ – the company is clearly passionate about their cause and supports their products and distributors with the research in information to supports their product line.

The Beyond Organic Products

Beyond Organic’s product line will include “Green-fed” beef processed to Kosher standards, raw cheeses, spring water, probiotic chocolate, and Amasai, a fermented dairy beverage similar to a smoothie.  Beyond Organic’s product line is simply healthy food and it’s obvious that everyone eats; the product line is perfect for anyone who wants organic products straight from the farm.

Beyond Organic – Getting Started and The Compensation Plan

Getting Started

Beyond Organic offers 4 ways to participate – the company breaks their customers up into two categories retail and preferred customers.  A retail customer pay nothing to participate as a customer, a preferred customer can purchase their products at a 20% discount and get access to the Beyond Organic University for $19.95 annually.  Those looking to take advantage of the Beyond Organic income opportunity also have 2 options to get started as an Independent Mission Marketer the first option is purchasing a business starter kit for a one-time fee of $39.95 and $19.95 annually.  The second option is for someone looking to maximize the Beyond Organic compensation plan and requires the purchase of the business builder’s kit for $199.95.  Keep in mind this is only the get started kit, you’ll need and want to purchase some of the products or the founder’s kit which totals $399.  Other options include a purchase one to consume and one to share option for $798, a supply your team option for $1198, and lastly a launch your business option for $1596 worth of food and products.

The Compensation Plan

The Beyond Organic compensation plan is based on a uni-level plan.  Their compensation plan is as unique as their business idea, and if you’re serious about getting involved with the company you will want to take a close look.  The company offers 4 ways to earn.  You can earn a fast start bonus on the individuals who join your Beyond Organic organization through 3 levels.  You can also earn a first order bonus on your new team members (qualification required), as well as back end residual income through 4 levels.  Keep in mind you must be as wide as you are deep to receive those commissions.  The last way you can earn income with Beyond Organic is to promote yourself to Vice President and become eligible for a “Healthy Living Account” which is simply a lifestyle bonus paid through a debit card.  All in all the compensation plan seems fair and could be potentially lucrative for someone serious about building a Beyond Organic MLM business.

How To Succeed In Beyond Organic

Ultimately Beyond Organic is a Network Marketing opportunity and even with a product line based on scientific research, and healthy living.  The truth of the matter is to build even a part time income in Beyond Organic or any Network Marketing company is depends on your ability to enroll customers and sponsor new people into your business.  The facts don’t lie Beyond Organic rewards those that build teams and that skill is based on the ability to market and generate qualified leads looking for an opportunity.

This is why, I highly recommend anyone interested in starting a Beyond Organic business implement a proven Network Marketing Lead Generation System.   A quality system must allow you to brand yourself as a leader, teach and allow you to generate leads, as well as help you generate income from the individuals not interested in the Beyond Organic opportunity.  If you heed this advice and implement a prove Network Marketing Lead Generation System like the one I recommend your Beyond Organic business can grow organically and ultimately feed your bank account giving you the healthy lifestyle you now seek.

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