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The Official ComF5 Product and Opportunity Review

by James Yancey

ComF5 Review

ComF5 ReviewsComF5 is Network Marketing Company based in Las Vegas Nevada and with product line centered around online marketing solutions and technology.  The name ComF5 means communication refresh – if you’re a techie you probably know that the F5 key is the refresh button on a keyboard and if you’re here I’ll bet you want to learn more about this company than about its clever name.  If you’re here chances are you are looking for some answers and are doing your due diligence while trying to make an educated decision and determine if ComF5 has the product line and opportunity for you to pursue inside the marketing tools niche of Network Marketing.

That is why in this unbiased 3rd party review I will give you a detailed overview of the ComF5 Company, some background on the original leadership team, the products, and the compensation plan.  If you’re paying attention you’ll not only learn more about the ComF5 products, you’ll also learn exactly how you can position yourself to succeed inside the ComF5 business opportunity.

What Does ComF5 Sell?

ComF5 Video EmailComF5 offers an interesting array of marketing products designed to help a business owner brand their business and stay in contact with their customer base.  While these types of tools are nothing new and available through many different outlets ComF5 has set themselves apart by combining many services into one platform.  ComF5 currently provides video emails, live video broadcasting, email marketing templates, auto responders, capture pages, a webinar platform, video hosting, social media integration and sharing services, text marketing, and mobile apps.

The company is more or less overing a comprehensive online and mobile marketing platform that can help any business owner set themselves apart.

Who Are the Leaders behind ComF5?

ComF5 has an interesting back story.  While there current site does not detail when the company was founded or even who is behind the company, I can share some insight with you.  On a quick side note, leadership on the product side doesn’t really matter, but on the Network Marketing side – it’s critical.  As product user who cares who behind the company as long as it works, great – but when building a business it’s critical to know who your joining – what they’re skill and background is, and the vision for the company.

What I can share is the company now being marketed and branded as ComF5 was formerly VM Direct; VM Direct was also known the helloNetwork or helloWorld.  VM Direct was co-founded by Craig Ellins and Amy Black.  Mr. Ellins has more than 20 years of experience in television direct marketing and Internet communications; he’s also launched products via domestic and international television direct response advertising.  It’s unclear if Mr. Ellis himself has ever been involved in Network Marketing, what is very clear that he’s got a ton of experience retailing direct to consumers.  If I had the opportunity to ask Mr. Ellis a question it would be, “with your background and experience why have you chosen Network Marketing as the vehicle for these services?”

Amy Black, was also behind the launch of VM Direct and served as President.  Under her watch helloNetwork received several awards and distinctions including an Addy Award (1997) from the Las Vegas Advertising community, the company was also voted e-Company of the Year (2000) from the Internet Business Association of Nevada, and received an Industry Appreciation Award from the Governor of Nevada (2001).  So the company certainly founded with strong and capable leadership and these two may still be involved unfortunately it’s unclear to who is leading the company.   What is clear is video marketable and has been offered since 1995 by this very company or a version of it.  Why they’ve rebranded the company or if they’ve sold the company, and why MLM, all remain a mystery.

The ComF5 Compensation Plan

To participate in ComF5 as a reseller requires a one-time fee of $100 and the monthly purchase of one of the company’s service packages.  The ComF5 compensation plan is based on a uni-level plan which means you can sponsor an unlimited amount of distributors personally to create a wide organization.

As those distributors begin to sponsor distributors into their teams depth is created and the ComF5 compensation plan allows you to benefit by earning income through infinite levels of depth as you grow and develop your sales organization.  The ComF5 opportunity allows for immediate income; for each re-seller you enroll you earn 100% of their initial investment, which is $100.

For your personal efforts you can earn a recurring commission on customers and resellers starting at 15% and increasing up 21%.  ComF5 also allows you to earn from your teams customers and resellers as well as earning through 3 separate company bonus pools.  All in all the compensation plan appears fair and lucrative for those with the ability to build a team that duplicates their efforts.

How to Build a Successful ComF5 Business

Ultimately ComF5 is a Network Marketing opportunity and even with a relevant products and services.  The truth of the matter is that none of the facts outlined in this review impact a distributor’s success.  To build even a part time income in ComF5 or any Network Marketing company is based on your ability to enroll and sponsor new people into your business.

The facts don’t lie ComF5 rewards those that build teams and that skill is based on the ability to market and generate qualified leads looking for an opportunity.  That is why, I highly recommend anyone interested in starting a ComF5 business implement a proven Network Marketing Lead Generation System.

A quality system must allow you to brand yourself as a leader, teach and allow you to generate leads, as well as help you generate income from the individuals not interested in the ComF5 opportunity.  If you’re attracted to technology and have a personal need for the ComF5 products you’ll want to implement a Network Marketing Lead Generation System like the one I’ve just described if you do ComF5 could be the opportunity that makes a difference in your life and business.

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