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Financial Destination – FDI, An MLM Expert's Critcal Review

by James Yancey


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FDI or Financial Destination is a Telecom company that offers many products and services within the Network Marketing industry.

 FDI’s primary product offering is telecom services in addition to that they offer a suite of business benefits that are designed to help their customers and distributors save time, money, and improve their personal and financial lives.

In reviewing FDI I see a company with 3 things that you absolutely must recognize and consider before joining.

The 1st thing you must recognize is that FDI is really a HUB company.

So, what is a HUB company and is this an advantage or disadvantage? A HUB company is a company that has many product offerings, niches, and often includes a paid membership or benefits package. Depending on your point of view there are specific advantages and disadvantages to a HUB company.

The main disadvantage is FOCUS, because there are typically several products to offer – each distributor can focus on what suits their personal interest most. This can be a problem for many companies; however FDI appears to have finally found their way and gotten this under control, and are leading with their unique brand of telecom products and services.

To some HUB companies offer an advantage because they offer more products giving the company the opportunity to earn more revenue and therefore pay out to the field more commissions. This can be true as long as the products are relevant, and worthwhile to those not involved in the Network Marketing pay plan.

Another advantage of a HUB company is that they are almost expected to add products and if a “HOT” product becomes available in the marketplace a HUB company can introduce a new product or niche and add value without it confusing or changing the company’s brand. FDI has recently shown their ability to introduce new products with their FDI Voice and FDI Hands Free Service that’s leading the way in combating distracted driving. While the jury is out on the effectiveness of any hands free product, it is certainly an advantage to be one of the first to market.

The 2nd thing you must recognize is the FDI is using the replacement cost theory.

So, what is the replacement cost theory? Well its simple, it’s the idea that if someone is already consistently spending money on a product or service and, they can get equal or greater value by purchasing the same item from another provider, it’s simply a replacement of who they buy from. FDI has taken this theory and applied it to their telecom services. So, If you are already paying for home or cellular service and if you spend the same amount or less for FDI’s services and find FDI’s services as good or better than what you currently have its a win for you as a consumer and you are better off because you have the opportunity to create an income as well as access to other great services.

The replacement cost theory is powerful for 3 reasons. The first is retention; if the consumer already is a consistent user you can expect a long-term customer. Secondly, when building an MLM business, what was once a personal expense is now converted to a business expense. The final advantage is you don’t have to sell someone on a product; they already have a personal understanding of it, and simply need to know, like, and trust you enough to get it from you. So, if you have a network of people who currently use FDI’s products this may help you in your efforts.

The 3rd and most important thing you must recognize is that FDI is a Network Marketing company.

Which means you must know how to market in order to have success in FDI or any Network Marketing company you decide to join. Outdated techniques like calling on friends and family to join you, or wandering around in shopping malls and prospecting strangers are not a viable way of building an FDI business or any other Network Marketing company.

FDI Review

In conclusion, FDI is without a doubt an incredible opportunity for someone who is looking to build an income rooted in Telecom with in the Network Marketing industry. For tips on how to build FDI or any Network Marketing business visit The MLM Sponsoring Formula.

*** FDI has merged with Youngevity CLICK HERE and get the details NOW! ***

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