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Forever Green – Will This MLM Opportunity Make Your Bank Account Forever Green?

by James Yancey

Forever Green – The Official MLM Opportunity Review

Forever Green ReviewIf you’re taking the time out of your busy life to read this Forever Green Review I’ll bet you’ve already joined the company and doing some last minute research or you’re considering joining the business and looking for a 3rd party opinion.  Whichever category you fall into you’re in the right place.  In this unbiased 3rd party Forever Green Review I’ll detail the company’s product line, the leadership, the compensation plan, and exactly what you can do to make your bank account Forever Green.

About Forever Green

Forever Green is a direct selling company in the Network Marketing industry that manufactures its own health products.  The company is publicly traded and is operating in more than 10 countries worldwide. The majority of its members can be found in North America.  So if you are looking for an opportunity in the health and wellness MLM niche, pay close attention as we review the most important elements of  ForeverGreen.

The Leadership of Forever Green

Forever Green was founded by Ron Williams in 2004, the company’s main distribution center is located in Orem, Utah and is in close proximity to the main corporate office.  Mr. Williams bring to Forever Green an extensive background in Network Marketing having built successful teams inside of Neways and Nuskin.  Accoriding to Mr. Williams ForeverGreen is a company that stakes its future on timeless principles of health and humanity, and then trusting in the results.

Forever Green – The products

The Forever Green product line offers restoration and support in the areas of Cardio, Immune, Weight Management, Beauty and Skin Care, Natural Energy, Physical Fitness, and overall General Health, the company prides itself on offering a clean and or organic whole food line that promotes wellness and overall health.

The core product of Forever Green is FrequenSea a health drink made from Marine phytoplankton.  It’s perceived benefits include strengthening the immune system, pain relief, lowering cholesterol levels, reducing high blood pressure, the product also works as an antioxidant.  While FrequenSea is the flagship product the company does have a robust line with LegaSea, TRUessence Essential Oils, HYDRessence, and O3World Weight Management products.

Forever Green The Compensation Plan

ForeverGreen compensation plan is a standard uni-level plan with compression.   New distributors can get started in Forever Green with a starter kit ranging from $99.95 to $549.95.  ForeverGreen most recently updated its compensation plan or “The People’s Plan” July 27, 2010.  This new compensation plan is designed to be quick, simple and “in your face” while rewarding beginners, intermediates and leaders alike.  The key component to duplicate inside Forever Green’s compensation plan is to achieve and teach the rank of Team Leader.  Forever Green’s compensation plan rewards distributors up to 5 levels in depth and with a bonus pools as your reach the higher ranks inside the compensation plan.

Success In Forever Green – Has Nothing To Do With Health

Ultimately, Forever Green is a Network Marketing business opportunity.  The company has is publically traded, has experienced leadership, and a unique product line, however none of those facts will impact your ability to make your bank account Forever Green.  To succeed in this or any Network Marketing company, your success is 100% tied to your ability to and market the opportunity retail the product to customers who don’t want to make money Forever Green and teach new distributors to do the same.

This is exactly why the key component to success in Forever Green will be your ability to market and generate qualified leads.  My personal recommendation is that you implement a proven MLM Marketing System that will teach you the ins and outs of marketing, give you unique platform to generate exclusive leads, and even give you’re the ability to earn income from those that don’t join your Forever Green business.  Implementing this type of Attraction Marketing System could be your key to having your bank account turn Forever Green.

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