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Considering The Fuel Saver Group? Read This Before You Join!

by James Yancey

A 3rd party Fuel Saver Review

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Fuel Saver Group, is a relatively new Network Marketing company and a division of Fuel Technology Products, Inc.,  The company was incorporated in August 2010 and is headquartered and based in Costa Mesa, California. If you’ve landed on this page your probably looking for more details and if that’s the case you’re in right place.  As I will give you the information I’ve found on the founders, the MPG3 product, the compensation plan, and even give you access to a proven strategy to build this or any MLM business you choose.

The Fuel Saver Group Team

The Fuel Saver Group was founded by Donald J. Rackemann and William Marcel.  These two men are veterans in the Motorsports arena and add Bill Doner to their team to run the company as FSG’s president.  Bill Doner is also a veteran of the Motorsports world and previously managed the Orange County International Raceway.  The jury is out as far as these individuals experience with direct sales or network marketing; however, they are aggressively looking for motivated individuals who recognize the value of their product and the opportunity to get involved at the ground level.

MPG3 – Fuel Saver Group’s Product

Fuel Saver Group ReviewsThe Fuel Saver Group’s markets a product called MPG3 a revolutionary Fuel Enhancer designed to increase gas mileage. According to the company 20 years of research and development has gone into the creation of the MPG3 Fuel Enhancer.  FSG has developed a product that is said to, improve mileage and performance while, at the same time, reducing emissions.  MPG3 increases octane in gas by bringing down the flash point of fuel allowing it to combust at a lower temperature preserving fuel and energy – therefore, saving customers money. 

MPG3’s was developed as a tablet to eliminate the plastic container to protect the environment from additional plastic as well as save consumers on the cost of shipping.  The Fuel Saver Group claims that their product completely dissolves in fuel and can enhance mileage, reduce emissions, and improve efficiency, with only one tablet needed for a 18 gallon fill-up they believe the retail cost of $29.95 for a 10-tablet package is very affordable.

Getting Started and Making Money With The Fuel Saver Group

The Fuel Saver Group compensation plan is based on a uni-level plan where affiliates can recruit and unlimited amount of people personally, while working with those that are motivated to help them duplicate the recruiting process to create depth in their team.  The company currently offers 3 ways to get started and to earn income with their product and 3 level compensation plan.

The first option is allows those interested to join as an affiliate for free.  Free affiliates who maintain a minimum order of $20 per month qualify for a 10% discount on their product orders and can receive a 10% override on any personal recruits sales volume.  The company offers a distributor position for an enrollment fee of $39.95 this position requires personal monthly consumption or sales of $40 and reward distributors with a 15% discount on their product purchases and offers compensation through 2 levels of the pay plan.  Last but not least, the Fuel Saver Group offers a fast start package for $499 that offers a 25% discount on all product purchases and the opportunity to earn through 3 levels – specifically 10% on level one and 5% on the second and third level of the team you build.

The Bottom Line, Marketing The Fuel Saver Group Opportunity

The bottom line is simple.  The Fuel Saver Group is a start-up, and while many hungry Network Marketers are attracted to the potential of start-up companies the fact not every company will make it.  Ultimately any new MLM company’s future as well as those that join is based on their ability to sell the opportunity and the product.  While I do believe the Fuel Saver Group has a marketable product, the real money is in building a thriving team.

In fact, your chances for success in the Fuel Saver Group will be limited only by your ability to market the product and the opportunity.  This is why you must have a high and steady flow of leads to build your Fuel Saver Group business or in fact any Network Marketing opportunity.  The fact is the days of relying on friends and family to build a business are no longer viable.  This is why I recommend learning a proven MLM marketing strategy.  

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