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The Official GoFoods Global Opportunity and Business Review

by James Yancey

GoFoods GlobalIf you’ve taken time out of your busy schedule and life to learn more about GoFoods Global chances are you at minimum considering the opportunity? If that’s true pay close attention to what you learn on this page. As I will give you the details you need about the company, the leadership, their product line, and the very best method to succeed in GoFoods Global or any Network Marketing business.

About the GoFoods Global

GoFoods Global was originally eFoodsDirect and was rebranded as GoFoods Global in late 2010. The company has been in business since 1981 and there mission is to help people by providing storable food solutions, at to provide a vehicle for financial prosperity while helping the world overcome their greatest dependency, food. GoFoods Global was founded by Steve Shenk and Barbara Rossberg and since the beginning; Steve Shenk has been managing and directing the company as CEO, while Barbara Rossberg has handled operations as COO.

The GoFoods Global Product Line

GOFoods Global markets dehydrated, storable foods that have a shelf life of up to 25 years. GoFoods Global’s product line is also perfect those who want to have a ready food supply to protect their families during turbulent times, or even for a regular meal whether its morning, lunch, and dinner. The company even has soups and snacks. All the products are packaged in date-stamped Mylar pouches and are prepared by simply adding water and heating.

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Getting Started and Getting Paid In GoFoods Global

New GOFoods Global IBO’s or Independent Business Owners can take advantage of the opportunity by purchasing a starter kit for $49.95. All GoFoods Global IBO’s receive a personal website with a shopping cart and back office to track and build their business. The GOFoods Global compensation plan is based on a simple uni-level plan that allows IBO’s to enroll an unlimited number of personal distributors. It’s the duplication of this enrolling process that can create a significant income as the GOFoods Global compensation plan allows for overrides up to 9 levels deep. The pay plan also offers a fast start bonus through 3 levels, of course you can also earn retail profits and as you reach the higher ranks there are monthly lifestyle bonuses and global leadership pools. Keep in mind IBO’s must maintain personal monthly volume to qualify for commissions.

How to Succeed In GoFoods Global

If you are attracted to the idea of storing food or having fast, healthy, and tasty food available for your family GoFoods Global appears to be a good business opportunity. The company has a solid and dedicated leadership team, quality products, and a fair and potentially lucrative compensation plan.

With all those positives, the fact remains that your success in GoFoods Global will not be based on any factor other than your ability to sell the product and recruit new IBO’s for your team. If you’ve read this far you deserve to know that to succeed in this or any home based business, you must learn the skill of marketing. Friends and family will never be enough to build or sustain any business and GoFoods Global isn’t any different.

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