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iZigg Review – Will iZigg Help You Attain Your Goals?

by James Yancey

Is iZigg The Company For You?

iZigg ReviewIf you’re reading this iZigg third party review, you’re most likely trying to determine if iZigg will help you live a 90210 lifestyle.  If you’re considering becoming an iZigg distributor before you commit and join, I want to recommend that you read this review and pay close attention to what you read this will put you in position to make the best decision for yourself and your family.  In this critical iZigg review, I’ll discuss the iZigg as a company, the services, and the quality of the overall business opportunity.

So, What’s Is iZigg All About?

iZigg is a relatively new company that is offers cutting edge Mobile Marketing services.  iZigg’s corporate headquarters is based in Atlanta, Georgia and they are focused on marketing their services within the United States.  iZigg is focused on creating a customer base of traditional business owners who are looking to increase exposure to their business through Mobile Devices.  The Co-founders of iZigg are Brian Underwood and David Liniado.  Leadership is one of the most important elements in building a business and it appears that Brian Underwood has been involved with several launches as well is a can be a great member of a team and motivator.  David Liniado brings a wealth of experience on the technology front and has past experience in founding companies with similar technology.  One thing is certain having the foresight to gain control of the numbers “90210” give them an immediate recognizable brand within this Mobile Marketing niche.

So What Exactly Is iZigg Marketing?

iZigg currently offers two Mobile Marketing services.  Let’s start with a review of the iZigg mCard. The mCard allows individuals and businesses to share information and promotions to a large audience of friends, fans, or consumers immediately through a text message.  This gives the consumer the ability to reach current and potential customers through their Mobile Device at the push of a button.  Helping the user of the iZigg mCard set themselves apart and gain individual and immediate access to those who have an interest in their product offerings.  iZigg also offers a service known as 90210, this service allows business owners to connect with large groups of people and promote their business, simply by using a keyword which is texted to 90210. The iZigg 90210 plans range from $99.95 a month to $1,500 a monthly, the larger plans offer have additional benefits to the business owner.  iZigg’s platform is designed to take advantage of the 4.1 billion mobile phones used around the world.  iZigg has positioned themselves in front of what could be the next wave of advertising for businesses.

iZigg Review

The iZigg Compensation Plan Review

iZigg has chosen to get their products out to business owners through the Network Marketing model and have chosen to go with a binary compensation plan.  iZigg’s compensation allows distributors to earn income in 5 different ways.  Without getting into specifics iZigg offers retail profits, an opportunity to earn from personally sponsored distributors production, team overrides, a matching bonus through 5 levels, and car and lifestyle bonuses.  All in all, if a distributor is productive and achieves the upper ranks of the compensation plan they will create a lucrative income.

In Conclusion,

iZigg is a quality company with an exciting niche within technology and Network Marketing.  They have competent corporate leaders with a vision and a marketable service, as well as a generous compensation plan.  With all that said, none of those factors are enough for a distributor to expect to automatically succeed.  Having a stable and credible company and service is always a necessary component to business.   However, having all that in place in iZigg or any company is never enough to succeed.  To succeed in Network Marketing your success is 100% tied to your ability to enroll and sponsor new people into your business who have the desire and ability to market the iZigg products and build a productive sales and marketing team.  The key to building a productive organization is going to be based upon the distributor’s ability to market and generate qualified leads.  I highly recommend anyone interested in creating a substantial income in Network Marketing or Direct Sales within iZigg or any business implement a proven Attraction Marketing system.  This system must allow you to brand yourself as a leader, teach and allow you to generate leads, as well as help you generate income from the individuals interest in an opportunity but don’t join your iZigg business.  If you tie this online Attraction Marketing system and branding with a solid strategy to build an offline team iZigg could be the opportunity you’ve always been seeking.

Do You Recognize A Need For Leads – In Your iZigg Business?

Ultimately the success you deserve in your iZigg business requires an action plan and some simple knowledge of personal branding and lead generation.  Learn to build your iZigg downline the right way and succeed both online and off.  For FREE training on how to build an iZigg business online CLICK HERE. <!–5e74262ca11f40a7ad26368afffc7818–>

Create iZigg Leads

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