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Considering Mary Kay? Get The Facts First In This Detailed Review Now!

by James Yancey

An Unbiased 3rd Party Mary Kay Review

Mary Kay ReviewsMary Kay is a well-known and respected company in the Network Marketing and direct sales industry and if you are considering Mary Kay chances are you’re looking for a solid opportunity that can change your financial life.  While Mary Kay is a proven winner having had success as a company for fifty years, the fact remains that many people also struggle to make significant income in this and in any business opportunity.  This is why in this Mary Kay review I’ll detail the company, the products, the compensation plan, and reveal why many have struggled and still struggle in the Mary Kay business and how you can set yourself apart and succeed.

The Legacy of Mary Kay

Mary Kay was founded in 1963 by Mary Kay Ash.  Ms. Ash was a pioneer in direct sales having achieved success as an independent distributor while at the same time facing and handling the challenges of discrimination and sexism.  In the face of adversity Ms. Ash stayed focused on her goals and was able to reach top positions in 2 direct sales companies prior to starting Mary Kay.

Today Mary Kay is one of the largest cosmetic and beauty direct sales companies in the world.  The company offers more than 200 products in six categories: body care, color cosmetics, facial skin care, fragrance, nail care, and sun protection and has over 2 million independent sales consultants in about 36 countries worldwide.

Based on their longevity, stability, and track record Mary Kay is certainly an incredible example of what is possible inside Network Marketing having been a company with the goal of empowering and providing opportunity for women.  There is no doubt that from he beginning and today their corporate staff has the experience, expertise, and resources to guide Mary Kay today and into the future.

Mary Kay People Love the Products

Mary Kay ProductsEveryone has an opinion when it comes to Mary Kay, but one thing is certain – the company makes and markets fantastic products that are scientifically formulated so they are not only safe but deliver their promise of effectiveness.  While their primary focus has always been women, the company now has product line for men, and will continue to grow in the future.

Mary Kay’s products go through rigorous testing to make sure their products meet high quality standards.  Their team consists of scientists, dermatologists and experts in relevant fields who play a vital role in product development, selection of ingredients as well as in testing the finished product.  The company has a focus to make sure that all their products are backed by science and well worth their investment.

Mary Kay the Opportunity and Compensation Plan

Women looking to take advantage of the Mary Kay business opportunity can get started as an Independent Beauty Consultant for $100 by purchasing the company’s starter kit.  In addition to the starter kit consultants are encouraged to purchase samples and inventory to launch their business.

Mary Kay rewards personal retail sales with 50% commission and also allows consultants to build a team and benefit from team sales.  This component of the Mary Kay compensation plan is based on a uni-level plan which means the company allows you to personally enroll an unlimited amount of beauty consultants to sell for the company and your team.  As those consultants begin to enroll others into their teams depth is created and Mary Kay allows you to earn anywhere from 9-13% commission from the sales of your team as you advance through their 3 leadership ranks.

Lastly, the Mary Kay compensation plan offers incentive trips, a car program, and other incentives and recognition for top producers.

Why So Many Struggle In Mary Kay

If you’re struggling in Mary Kay it’s not your fault.  If you’re considering Mary Kay pay close attention as I reveal why so many are and have struggled in the Mary Kay business.  Mary Kay has been around for a long time – and has proven itself to be a very stable company.  Unfortunately the techniques and strategies that built the Mary Kay legacy are outdated in today’s fast pace and busy world.  The days of chasing friends and family, home parties, and prospecting at the mall are no longer time effective or financially effective for most distributors and unfortunately this is what is being taught by Mary Kay and most mlm companies.

Truthfully it’s not Mary Kay’s fault either – times change and Mary Kay’s primary responsibility is and should be making quality products.   It’s the individual’s responsibility to learn how to market the opportunity to attract distributors.  Network Marketing requires lead generation, closing, and training skills – and the fact is most don’t come to Mary Kay with these skills.  So if you’re looking to succeed in Mary Kay you must be working to obtain these skills, if you do Mary Kay or any company you choose will offer you an incredible opportunity.

Need Training For Your Mary Kay Business?

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