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Can You Really Make Money With Melaleuca?

by James Yancey

Melaleuca Reviews Often Leave These Details Out

Melaleuca ReviewsIf you clicked on this Melaleuca review chances are you’re looking for more details on Melaleuca before you join and want to find out if you can make money with this business.  If that’s the case let me commend you for doing your due diligence and also ask you to pay close attention to what I reveal in this review.

In this 3rd party Melaleuca review, I will give you an unbiased review of the opportunity and detail the leadership, the products, the compensation plan and most importantly how you can put yourself in position to succeed and make money in Melaleuca.

About Melaleuca

Melaleuca is network marketing company that is focused on providing natural and sustainable household products.  The company has an interesting history having been originally named Oil of Melaleuca which was a struggling multi level marketing company.  That is until 1985 when Frank VanderSloot became CEO of the company. Mr. VanderSloot saw an opportunity to make improvements to the company and change their direction so he decided to buy the company and has since gone on to rebuild it.

Today Melaleuca does over $1 billion in annual sales and has over 300,000 distributors doing business in 15 countries throughout the world.  For over two decades the company has stayed true to their mission to provide environmentally safe products that improve overall wellness.

The Melaleuca Products

Melaleuca ProductsMelaleuca oil, which is more commonly known as tea tree oil is the backbone of Melaleuca’s products.  Tea tree oil is known to have several beneficial medicinal properties and can works as an anti viral, anti fungal, anti septic, anti bacterial, and even has cosmetic properties.

The company has a full catalog of products including, vitamins and supplements, weight loss products, personal care products, household cleaners, beauty products, and more.  The entire line of Melaleuca products are environmentally safe and designed with the goal of improving overall health and wellness.

How Does Melaleuca Pay Its Preferred Customers?

To earn income with Melaleuca you must become what they call a preferred customer.  A preferred customer is able to purchase the company’s products at wholesale prices and has the choice to retail them for a profit or build a business with the Melaleuca opportunity.

The Melaleuca compensation plan is based on a 5 X 5 forced matrix plan.  Which means you can personally enroll an unlimited amount of preferred customers, however only 5 will be on your directly tied to you the others will spill over through the 5 levels of your organization.  Allowing you to not only help your team, but also allowing you to build a loyal customer base and earn from their purchases as well as benefit as they begin to grow their organization as well.

Melaleuca reward retails sales with commissions of up to 27% and allows you to earn approximately 7% on the efforts of your team.  The compensation plan also includes rank advancement bonuses, a car bonus, and additional bonuses for top producers who build large organizations.  All in all the Melaleuca compensation plan appears to be fair and potentially lucrative with the right plan.

Is Melaleuca A Good Business Opportunity?

Without question from my analysis Melaleuca appears to be a stable, solid, and quality company.  However, if your really looking to make money in Melaleuca focusing on the quality of their products or their proven track record – won’t put food on your table or money in your pocket.

Melaleuca is a network marketing company therefore to succeed in this business requires 2 essential activities and they are retailing and recruiting.  If either of these 2 critical factors are not achieved you will never earn a dime with Melaleuca.

The fact is most Melaleuca preferred customers will struggle to make any significant money in the opportunity – simply because they are using outdated techniques like chasing their friends and family members instead of finding a hungry target market.  The truth is networking is a great strategy, but networking is ineffective for most.

This is why top producers today are combining networking with online marketing to explode home based business opportunities.  Did you realize over 100,000 people get involved in a home based business each week?  Imagine – if you had the training to position yourself online and attract a handful of these people per week into you Melaleuca business?  Times are changing, and this is why I recommend to those that are serious about building a Melaleuca business learn how they can incorporate the internet – it can be the edge you need to make Melaleuca or any business they choose be a succesful and highly rewarding one.

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