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My Lead Company Review – Is My Lead Company The Real Deal?

by James Yancey

About My Lead Company

My Lead Company MLM ReviewsMy Lead Company is a brand new Network Marketing company that launched October 15, 2011.  The company is in the leads business.  That’s right a Network Marketing company that is selling leads to Network Marketers.  This concept is a new one on me and an intriguing idea with over 300,000 people getting involved in a home based each day and over 60 million inside the industry there is obviously a market for leads.

The company’s founder J.R. Jackson is an experienced veteran in the Network Marketing arena and has built successful teams in several companies.  He is an expert in lead generation which allowed for his great his success inside Network Marketing.  Ultimately, J.R. Jackson knows and understands that lead generation is the name of the game inside this industry and has developed a company to help bring leads to the masses.  The company currently offers MLM leads, but has announced plans to offer real estate, and insurance leads in the future.

The lead packages start at $24.95 a week for the company to deliver 200 leads a week to you, the plans increase up to $199.95 a week for 5,000 weekly leads.

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The Real Deal on the My Lead Company Compensation Plan

The My Lead Company compensation plan is based on a straight line model.  While they claim to be the first, they’re by no means the first company to offer compensation from a straight line model.  Ultimately, if you’re unfamiliar with Network Marketing compensation plans you may get the sense that you’ll earn income simply by taking a position inside the business.  However, My Lead Company rewards your personal production and the production from the team you build.  To be clear there is opportunity to earn from the entire company’s production and that is through bonus pools not from simply having a position in the company.

At this time there no cost to get started as a distributor or a monthly required auto-ship of leads.  This may change at some point.  You never know, currently there is no financial obligation of any kind to obtain a position in the company.  My Lead Company pays daily commissions through alert pay and offers 17 ways to earn income paid out through 4 main categories.

My Lead Company reps can earn a first order bonus of 50% on any first order sales from their personal website.  The company also offers a daily infinity bonus on personal and group volume that pays from 5% up to 25% commissions, the percentage of payout and eligibility for the infinity bonuses is based on holding 1 of the 5 leadership positions in the company.  My Lead Company also offers 10 bonus pools which are also based on weekly group volume, and finally a 1% founder’s bonus pool for those who get involved during the launch and select an auto-ship of leads.

The Real Deal on why I did not join My Lead Company

While My Lead Company certainly has an interesting concept, capable leadership, and a unique compensation plan – even with no cost to join, it’s not a company I can get behind.   Calling generic leads is simply not something I recommend to build a business.  Generic leads are great to practice on and get comfortable communicating your message; however, it’s not a long term solution.  I’ve found that the problem with generic leads is there’s no relationship with them, so the leads have no reason to be responsive to you or your message.  To build a business you need to communicate with individuals that are open and responsive to your message.  While generic leads may have been open to fill out a form, they are by no means responsive.

This is why I practice, and promote Network Marketing lead generation strategies that use and revolve around Attraction MarketingAttraction Marketing allows you to generate leads that are already exposed to you personally – in other words the leads know who you are before you contact them.  By no means am I saying that My Lead Company isn’t a good program, opportunity, or company.  I do believe that there is, and always will be a need, and a place for leads in Network Marketing and any direct sales business.

Use Attraction Marketing To Build Your My Lead Company Business

Success in Network Marketing requires you to have a system for lead generation – Attraction Marketing requires you to have a basic knowledge of personal branding and lead generation.   Learn what it takes to build My Lead Company or any MLM business the way top leaders do now.

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