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The Truth About Neucopia – As I See It!

by James Yancey

Neucopia Review

neucopiaIf you’re here chances are you’ve heard the buzz surrounding Neucopia and are looking for some details to help you determine if this is the right opportunity for you to pursue.  From the title of this article, you know that I’m going to be sharing with you the truth as I see it – so please pay close attention as I share with you the important details that are available as of Neucopia’s June 4th 2012 launch.

About Neucopia

Neucopia is a new affiliate marketing slash network marketing hybrid company that some say offers 100% commissions.  According to the Neucopia website Rich Cook is the CEO and has enjoyed success as a top earner in several MLM programs and as a top earning affiliate marketer.

I’m not familiar with Mr. Cook, nor could I find anything about him prior to this venture.  One thing is clear – he is certainly aware that programs that offer upfront money have been hot lately and he’s positioned himself to capitalize on this market as affiliate marketing and network marketing continue to align.

Neucopia offers 2 memberships a basic and a premier membership each offer their own product and own compensation plan. The basic membership goes for $49.95 per month and includes training is several areas including affiliate marketing, real estate investing, stock market, forex, and more.

Neucopia’s premiere membership for $169.95 offers all aspects of the basic membership as well as additional conference calls, webinars, training videos, and other secret strategies from a host of “gurus” in their respective industries.

The Neucopia Compensation Plan

neucopiaBefore I get into the Neucopia compensation plan to be transparent – I want to let you know I’m not a big fan of pass up programs, I’m also not a big fan of hype or exaggerated income claims (more on that later!)

As mentioned earlier the basic (level 1) and premiere (level 2) plans have different comp plans – to get started with the basic membership requires a one time investment of $150 and has a $50 ongoing fee for the training offered by the company. The basic membership offers commissions on the 4th sale made and every sale there after. In other words the first 3 sales pass up to the sponsor. The good news is When you make the 4th sale and every sale there after you will earn $100 the bad news is there is no residual income on level 1 of this program.

This basic program makes no sense “AS I SEE IT!” In a nut shell your paying upfront and then monthly to be an affiliate marketer (personal sales only = no leverage) there are tons of affiliate programs and private label rights offers you can do for 100% free or a small upfront fee with no recurring fee – so unless you’re considering level 2 this option isn’t a good one unless the training is absolutely FANTASTIC! More truth to come…

The premiere membership (level 2) requires a $270 one time investment and has an ongoing monthly fee of $170. This side of the program has more uniqueness and has more financial opportunity for a marketer. The first thing that you should recognize is that on this side of the plan you only need to pass up your first 2 sales and can even earn $10 (approx 4%) on your first two sales and continue to earn as a team is developed from these 2 sales. Starting with sale #3 you can earn $100 on each personal sale and $100 in residual income on each person you enroll and continue to earn as you begin to earn pass up sales from your team.

On an editorial note, as mentioned earlier I really dislike when I hear income claims from the field or from a company – and while I can’t say how they originated on this is certain they have. The buzz around Neucopia started by claims of 100% commissions and unfortunately they do not offer them.

It’s simple arithmetic $170 monthly divided by a $100 payout is just under 59% commissions plain and simple.  Neucopia is a new company, and I actually like their spin on the 2 up, and there is certainly an opportunity here (for the right person).  I’ll never understand why some just can’t seem to say to let the number speak for themselves in the end they always do!

Should you pass up – a pass up program? As I see it, and as I said before the numbers speak for themselves.  I tend to look at it this way it’s easy to name several programs with non-pass up comp plans that have been around 10, 20, 30 years and more – pass up programs have been around a long time, can you name an old one?  Me either…  That being said, I can’t say Neucopia won’t be a game changer – that’s for you to decide.

A Strategy For Success With Or Without Neucopia

If you truly want success in any business where you need to sell anything – you need only 1 thing, and that’s prospects.  Without qualified people to talk to you’ve got no chance to make any significant money.  Without a legitimate system you may enroll a few people, but if you’ve read this far – I can only assume you want a thriving business.

The truth is to succeed in a network marketing program you absolutely must have or be able to develop a large number of people to talk to that are open to opportunities.  In my journey through business I’ve found only one program that can actually take a new or intermediate entrepreneur and help them learn and more importantly implement the online and offline skills that can make a huge impact in someone’s life – and you can learn more about that by CLICKING HERE.

To your success!


PS.  If your sponsor doesn’t have a plan to make money from the people who say no to your MLM company – CHECK THIS OUT!

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