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Will NuSkin Be The Business That Changes Your Life?

by James Yancey

The Official NuSkin Review

NuSkin ReviewsCongratulations for being a person who is serious enough to do their due diligence on NuSkin prior to making your decision.  If you are considering NuSkin and really want this business to change your life you’ll want to pay close attention to what you learn in this review – simply because even though NuSkin is a very solid company in the Network Marketing and direct sales industry many people struggle to make money and some even lose money in this business opportunity.

So, in addition to giving you some critical details on the company, I’ll also give you an overview of the leadership, the products, the compensation plan, and most importantly I will also give you – some guidance to help you avoid the traps and challenges that many NuSkin distributors face.

About NuSkin

NuSkin was founded in 1984 by Blake Roney, Steve Lund, and Sandie Tillotson with only $5000 and today they do business on an international level, are on the New York stock exchange, and are doing well over 1.5 billion in sales annually.

Since the company begin they have stayed consistent with their mission improve people’s lives through quality products, rewarding business opportunities and an uplifting enriching culture.

NuSkin has enjoyed great success and has created a culture of giving back with the creation of their Nourish the Children program which feeds about 100,000 children each month.  Overall they have a solid management team focused on providing a solid financial opportunity all while developing and delivering great products.

The Nu Skin Product Line

NuSkin ProductsNuSkin began with 12 simple products and today they have literally hundreds of products – addressing almost every skincare and health need.  The product lines that best represent their brand today are the ageLOC system and Pharmanex.   The ageLOC system is a skin care line within NuSkin that is designed to target aging at its source and is made up of crèmes, spa treatments, and even includes nutritional supplements – while Pharmanex is makes up the company’s nutritional products, vitamin supplements, and weight loss products.

NuSkin markets and distributes their products on a global level and has over 820,000 distributors taking advantage of or promoting their products in 52 different countries.

The NuSkin Compensation Plan

According to the company their compensation plan has produced over 700 distributors earn over $1 million in commissions, NuSkin even goes on to say that a new distributor reaches $1 million in commissions approximately every 10 days.

The NuSkin compensation plan is a simple and proven uni-level pay plan that allows you to personally enroll and unlimited number of distributors, as the distributors you enroll begin to enroll and train others depth is created.  The NuSkin compensation plan allows distributors to earn 6 levels deep and provides the opportunity to earn from retail sales as well as team overrides.

Overall, the compensation plan is fair and can be very lucrative for the person who has or attains the ability to grow a large organization.

Why Most Will Struggle and Then Fail in NuSkin?

Obviously NuSkin has proven to be a great company, but why do so many people still struggle?  The fact is while NuSkin has been around for a long time they are in the product and opportunity business – not the entrepreneur or marketing training business.

Simply put sooner or later most NuSkin distributors will struggle because of a lack of leads.  A successful Network Marketing business requires a consistent stream of qualified leads.  Leads are the oxygen of any business and without a steady flow of qualified leads the business will die.

Unfortunately the NuSkin training focuses distributors on networking and it’s important to understand that the days of chasing friends and family, home parties, and prospecting at the mall are no longer time effective or financially effective for most distributors and unfortunately this is what’s being taught by NuSkin and most mlm companies.  So, if you want this business to change your life you’ll need to gain skill the company simpy doesn’t teach.

How To Increase Your Odds of Success in NuSkin

To succeed in NuSkin or any network marketing business you need pre-qualified leads and to obtain pre-qualified leads you must have marketing experience or get access to training to learn the skills necessary to get leads daily.  Lastly you need a system that ties training and lead generation together so the process can be duplicated by the leaders who join your team.

If you’re looking for some high quality and FREE mlm marketing  training, were you can actually look over the shoulder of top producers who are dominating the network marketing industry today – by utilizing cutting edge systems and techniques that work in NuSkin or any company you choose click the banner below now!

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