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One24 – Can You Really Retire In 24 Months?

by James Yancey

An Unbiased One24 Review

One24If you’ve found this One24 Review you are most likely looking for an additional income stream, security, or perhaps a way to create more time and freedom.  Whatever your purpose you deserve to find out if One24 can be the vehicle to help you achieve your goals.  That’s why in this One24 Review I will detail the product, the leadership team, the compensation plan, and most importantly what it takes to succeed in the One24 business.

One24 – The Natraburst Product

One24 is a health and wellness company in the Network Marketing industry.  The company’s primary product is NatraBurst.  NatraBurst is a super food mix that you can add to water, milk or even juice.  It’s high in fiber, antioxidants, digestive enzymes, pre-biotics, and pro-biotics.  NatraBurst can be used as a meal replacement or supplement best of all the autoship is a reasonable $60 per month to remain active in the business or as a customer.

The Leadership Of One24

One24 is headquartered in Florida, and opened for business in August of 2010.  While One24 is a young company it’s founder Mark Seyforth, appears to have a wealth of experience in Network Marketing.  According to the One24 website Mr. Seyforth previously built a MLM company to 160,000 reps and was an integral part of creating the Herbalife compensation plan.  With over 35 years of experience Mr. Seyforth very well could lead One24 from obscurity to the forefront of MLM.

One24 – The Compensation Plan

One24 has some interesting characteristics that come together to create a unique compensation plan and opportunity for One24 distributors.  From what I’ve seen there are 3 specific things that set One24 apart and make the company unique.  First and foremost there is no cost to join, there is a waiting list to become a preferred customer, and lastly the compensation structure is linear (a stacked straight line).

One24 sets themselves apart with a compensation plan that is not for an individual looking to create immediate income as the company only allows distributors the ability to enroll 1 distributor per month.  Interested parties are put on a waiting list.  Your goal in One24 is to sponsor 1 person per month for 24 months, hence the name One24.   The company is using a straight line plan that has the allure and benefit of spillover which can be exciting.  However by having no upfront cost and therefore no upfront commission it limits distributors to only building a long term residual income.   One24 has an interesting compensation plan and business model that offers 4 ways to earn and a unique option for the right individual looking to create a business in the Network Marketing Industry.

How To Succeed In The One24 Business

While no one can guarantee success, you’ll only put yourself in position to retire in 24 months if you learn and implement proven fundamental marketing strategies in your One24 business.  Chasing friends, family, and hoping to bump into someone who takes this opportunity seriously is not the best way insure your success.  Even though  One24 has a relevant product, capable leadership, and an interesting compensation plan none of these facts will help you succeed in this business.  The fact is One24 is a Network Marketing company which means your success is completely based on your ability to sponsor quality distributors into your business.  In One24 quality is everything because your success hinges entirely on your ability to locate and enroll quality distributors consistently over 24 months.  That is why I highly recommend anyone interested in joining One24 implement a proven MLM Marketing System. This system must allow you to brand yourself as a leader, teach and allow you to generate leads for your One24 business.  Lastly and most importantly this system must help you generate immediate income from the individuals who don’t join you’re One24 business.  This immediate income will help you stay in the game, fund your business, as you find your team members and build the long term back end residual income from NatraBurst sales.  If you take this advice and tie this marketing system and follow it’s proven strategy One24 could be exactly what you’re looking for.


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