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Organo Gold Review – Is Organo Gold The Real Deal?

by James Yancey

Organo Gold Review – Is Organo Gold The Real Deal?

Organo Gold ReviewOrgano Gold is a health and wellness company that is utilizing Network Marketing to build its customer base.  While many may look at Organo Gold and see a coffee company – the truth is coffee is simply what the company is using to deliver the health benefits of their product to their customers.  Basically they are taking for what many people is a bad habit and turning it into a healthy one.  In this Organo Gold Review I’ll give you the goods on the leadership, the compensation plan, and exactly what it takes to achieve your goals in Organo Gold to put you in the best decision to see if Organo Gold is the real deal.

The Leaders of Organo Gold

The core mission of Organo Gold is to improve the health, wealth, and add balance to people’s lives by sharing the knowledge of a healthy alternative to coffee and the overall health benefits of Ganoderma.  The company was founded by Bernardo “Bernie” Chua and Shane Morand both these gentlemen have solid backgrounds in business and have individually created massive success within Network Marketing.  They have come together and have so far led Organo Gold to be recognized 5 times as “Direct Sales Company of the Year” for companies located in the Pacific Rim and Asia.  If the past is any indicator of future success under the watch of Bernie Chua and Shane Morand – Organo Gold should have an extremely successful and exciting future.

Organo Gold Their Secret Is Ganoderma

According to the Organo Gold website, the mushroom Ganoderma is considered a national natural treasure, and is referenced to by the Chinese as the “mushroom of immortality”.  There are reports Ganoderma benefits vitality, the immune system, and offers antioxidant protection.  Organo Gold’s beverage products all include Ganoderma with the goal of providing a healthy gourmet coffee, latte drinks, a mocha drinks, tea, and a hot chocolate to an international market.  The company even offers a line of supplements that allow you to benefit from Ganoderma in a pill form.  To put yourself in the very best position educate yourself on the reported health benefits of Ganoderma, there is an abundance of information that is easy to locate and review.

Organo Gold – The Compensation and Business Opportunity

Organo Gold is utilizing the proven binary compensation model to reward distributors for their efforts.  A binary compensation model requires that you build 2 teams a right leg and a left leg.  Their compensation plan offers 7 different income streams as you build your Organo Gold business.  Although there are several ways to create income in the company ultimately income falls into one of two categories: Upfront, immediate income and on-going, back-end residual income.  The company reward leaders who produce large team and sales numbers with their Global Bonus Pool.  Making Organo Gold’s compensation plan balanced and lucrative for those who accomplish the specifics requirements the companies put in place.

What Does It Take To Succeed In Organo Gold?

Ultimately Organo Gold is a Network Marketing company and while they have an intriguing concept, qualified, credible leadership, and a compelling compensation plan.  None of these factors have any bearing on whether or not you will succeed.  In order to succeed in Organo Gold or for that matter any Network Marketing company you must have a system that will aid you in your search for distributors and customers, train you and your growing team, as well as help you profit immediately while locating the key distributors that will help you build a huge Organo Gold health and wellness business.  If you locate an Attraction Marketing System like the one I’ve just described Organo Gold could be the real deal and the opportunity you’ve always dreamed of.

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