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Pampered Chef Reviews – The Pros and Cons of Pampered Chef

by James Yancey

Pampered Chef Reviews

Pampered Chef ReviewsIf you’ve been referred to this home business expert’s Pampered Chef review chances are you are looking for some unbiased and credible information to help you determine if Pampered Chef is the best option for you to pursue as a business from home.

This is why in this 3rd party Pampered Chef review we will look into all the details of the company, discuss the pros and cons of this business, and lastly I will give you a plan that can help you succeed.

About Pampered Chef

Pampered Chef was founded in 1980 by Doris Christopher.  As a former economics teacher turned stay at home mom she found a need for time saving kitchen strategies and tools to make cooking easier, faster, and fun.  With the help of her two daughters and husband Doris started The Pampered Chef in the basement of her Chicago home.

Today, The Pampered Chef  has thousands of independent consultants and is a multimillion dollar direct sales company that is a part of Warren Buffett’s highly respected portfolio of companies Berkshire Hathaway.

The Pampered Chef Products and Compensation Plan

Pampered Chef ReviewsThe Pampered Chef product line is an outstanding and distinctive collection of kitchen tools including, stoneware, bake ware, outdoor items, utensils, dining room pieces, state of the art knives and much more.  The company encourages their products to be marketed through home parties – where independent consultants invite their friends, family, and business associates to events where they show and demonstrate the product line to share what they offer to make sales.

The Pampered Chef compensation plan rewards independent consultants for retailing product and helping new consultants get started retailing products.  Consultants can earn between 20% and 25% commissions on their personal sales, based upon their monthly sales totals.  Those that choose to create leverage and enroll other consultants can earn up to 31% based on their position in the Pampered Chef organization and their monthly sales volume.  With the right game plan focus and persistence Pampered Chef could be a lucrative part-time or even full time income.

The Pros and Cons of Pampered Chef

First let’s address the pros of Pampered Chef.  The startup costs are reasonable, the product line is easy to explain and demonstrate, their products are reasonably priced, and their products are items people use and have real long term value.  Furthermore, the commission plan is fair offers the ability to leverage yourself through a network of distributors, can be built around a flexible schedule.

Now let’s address the cons of Pampered Chef – there are two cons that could be deal breakers the first is inventory.  Can you see yourself and do you want to carry inventory for a business.  While Pampered Chef does have a catalog – you will still need to have some items to show and demonstrate to make sales, if you plan to build a team you may need to sell or lend products to your recruits as needed – to help them and yourself.  So the inherent need for inventory must be considered – do you want to “lug” and “store” items for a business?

The second con of the Pampered Chef business is that their products are not consumable, they are one time sales.  Pampered Chef is a multi level marketing business and an inherent benefit of most multi level marketing opportunities is leverage and residual income.  So you must recognize that household products last a long time – therefore to build a successful Pampered Chef business you’ll need to consistently find new customers instead of banking on loyal repeat customers.  Obviously you will have repeat customers, but based on the product line you’re not creating monthly recurring customer orders like many multi level marketing companies.  It’s important to consider all these pros and cons before making your decision, lastly you need a plan.

Building a Successful Pampered Chef Business

Success is subjective and if you’ve read this far I must assume you’re looking to either replace a part time income, build a full time income, or even create financial freedom with a home based business and to do that with Pampered Chef you’ll need a strong game plan and system.

Obviously you’ll need to retail a lot of products, but selling all by yourself is not the answer to truly create time and financial leverage in Pampered Chef, to do that you will need to build a team.  While you should definitely work to build a team from the people you know – that plan alone is not a valid or real business plan.

A real business plan must include a marketing plan.  Did you know that there are over 10 million people per month looking for a home based business online?  In fact, over 200,000 people each month search for Pampered Chef online.  Imagine if you knew how to position yourself in front of this audience?  What could your Pampered Chef business look like?  Can you now see the real opportunity of having a marketing plan and system?

This is why I recommend and teach home based business owners how to build – a solid business, not based on luck or circumstances, but on skill.  Pampered Chef has a lot of potential especially if you choose to build the business the right way.

Learn To Build Pampered Chef The Right Way Now!

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