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Get The Facts On Perfectly Posh Before You Join!

by James Yancey

About Perfectly Posh

Perfectly Posh ReviewPerfectly Posh is a new direct sales company that launched in October 2011, and is headquartered in Lehi, Utah.  They offer over 80 natural personal care, pampering, and beauty products and if you are here you are most likely looking for more details about the company to ultimately determine if Perfectly Posh is the right business opportunity for you.   So, to help you get all your questions answered in this Perfectly Posh review we will take a look into the products, the compensation plan, and most importantly the best way to ensure your success in Perfectly Posh.

The Perfectly Posh Products Line

Perfectly Posh ProductsPerfectly Posh products include lotions, soaps, massage balms, fragrances, lip glosses and balms, body butters and Shea butter.  According to the company the Perfectly Posh products are not tested on animals and do not contain parabens, animal bi-products, gluten, or soy, and are 100% American made.

Getting Started and Making Money With Perfectly Posh

The Perfectly Posh business is centered around home parties where consultants share the products with their friends and family in hopes to gain business partners and build a repeat customer base.

To get started in the business requires purchasing the company’s starter kit for $99.00, which includes 19 Perfectly Posh products, catalogs, order forms, business cards, and other tools and supplies to help consultant market the products and business opportunity.

Perfectly Posh consultants can earn 20-31% on the personal sales.  Outside of personal sales the Perfectly Posh compensation plan has a multi-level marketing component attached to it that is based on a uni-level plan.  A uni-level plan allows consultants to enroll an unlimited amount of business partners and as those business partners begin to enroll others depth is created.  Within this uni-level portion consultants can earn up to 6% of their sales teams production creating leverage and stability inside the company’s pay plan.

Success in Perfectly Posh

Party plans have been proven to work in Network Marketing and the products and cosmetics offered by Perfectly Posh are natural to share.  That being said those wanting to make significant income in this business must recognize that they must be able to consistently sell and retail products.  This is why serious Perfectly Posh distributors must learn the fundamental skills of marketing.

Mastering sales, marketing, and promotion is the only surefire way to succeed in this or any home based business and the fact is to build a significant income in Perfectly Posh requires building a team, as you will never be able to make enough sales alone to create financial freedom.

This is why – if you’re serious about taking control of your life in Perfectly Posh or any business from home you will want to learn how you can position yourself and your business online.  There are over 60 million people per month searching online for ways to make money from home – with these types of numbers why would you limit yourself to friends and family?  Friends and family can be a great way to make a few sales; however, with that strategy alone your success is contingent on the people around you and not within your own control.  So, if you’re looking into the Perfectly Posh business to truly gain control of your life CLICK THE LINK BELOW NOW, and learn how you can utilize the internet to grow Perfectly Posh or any home based business you choose!

Get The Training You Need To Build A Successful Perfectly Posh Business Now!

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