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PrepayCPA Review – A Detailed 3rd Party Analysis

by James Yancey

PrepayCPA Reviews

PrepayCPA ReviewsIf you’ve taken your valuable time to get more details on PrepayCPA chances are you’re looking for a way to improve your life and finances and you’re here to find out if PrepayCPA is the vehicle to help you do so.  When doing your due diligence on any company my recommendation is to take a close look at the leadership, the product and service, the compensation plan, and most importantly how you can succeed and maximize the opportunity.  To help you do so, I will touch all these areas as well as give you instant access to a plan that can help you reach your goals in PrepayCPA.

About PrepayCPA

PrepayCPA is a network marketing that provides tax help and audit protection services to members. The company launched for business in February of 2012 and is based out of Delaware.  PrepayCPA has a mission to “protect our customer’s most valuable asset: Peace of Mind.”  David Track founded PrepayCPA and is the man behind the mission and according to the company’s website he brings over 30 years of experience in network marketing and direct sales to the company.

Mr. Track has surrounded himself with a corporate team that has the necessary accounting, finance, marketing, and training skills to build a stable and successful company.  That being said, PrepayCPA is a startup and only time will tell how their product and concept is perceived and received by customers and network marketing distributors.

The PrepayCPA Service

PrepayCPA ReviewsPrepayCPA offers 3 services plans the top package includes a tax return review for the current year, audit protection services, services to address any IRS or state agency liens, levies, and notices, and basic incorporations.  Currently the company is even offering a plan that incorporates preparing the current years taxes.

The PrepayCPA Plans start at $24.95 and their top plan is $34.95 per month.  The company also offers one time annual packages.  On an editorial note, if you’re thinking this is Prepaid Legal with CPA’s, you have a point – they have a similar feel, yet have very significant differences.

Getting Started and Getting Paid in PrepayCPA

To get started as a distributor in PrepayCPA you will need to purchase a distributor kit for $34.95 and subscribe to their web-based back office and marketing system for $14.95 monthly. New distributors must then choose one of the PrepayCPA monthly plans or an annual service plan.  The company also charges an annual renewal fee on the anniversary of your initial enrollment of $20 each year you’re active as a distributor.

The PrepayCPA compensation plan is based on a uni-level compensation plan.  A uni-level plan allows distributors to sponsor and enroll and unlimited number of distributors personally and depth in the organization is created as those you enrolled begin to enroll others.  The PrepayCPA compensation plan has the potential to pay distributors through 7 levels of depth.

Upon enrolling as a new PrepayCPA distributor you can earn through 2 levels of depth in the residual pay plan and additional levels become available when you achieve rank advancements through each of the 5 leadership positions PrepayCPA offers.  The PrepayCPA compensation plan pays out fast start bonuses, monthly residual bonuses, a bonus pool for top producers, and even offers the ability to earn commissions beyond level 7.

Building A Successful PrepayCPA Business

To succeed in PrepayCPA you’ll need 2 plans, a plan to get off to a fast start and a plan to build a business over the long-term.  Having no plan for the long-term is the primary reason that most network marketing distributors fail – the fact is the days of chasing friends and family are over, while you will want to expose everyone you know – expecting to build a significant business on the merit of this plan only is simply not a viable plan for success in PrepayCPA or any Network Marketing business.

Ultimately, to succeed in PrepayCPA or any Network Marketing company you will need to consistently sponsor and enroll new people into your business who are seeking an opportunity.  This is why your success or failure will be based on your ability to generate qualified leads.

So, if you’re seeking success in PrepayCPA – you need to understand that your success will come down to one thing and that is your ability to market.  This is why I highly recommend those that are serious about building a business in network marketing put their hopes, dreams, and focus into improving their marketing ability and not in an specific mlm company or opportunity.

If this makes sense to you, I encourage you to get more details on how you can use a system to attract MLM leads to you.  Simply put when you master mlm lead generation your success in PrepayCPA or any mlm is assured because your success won’t be based on who you know – it will be based on a skill that you can take to any business venture or opportunity.

Build Your PrepayCPA Business The Right Way Now!

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