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RBC Life – Is RBC A Really Bad Choice Or A Chance For Really Big Checks?

by James Yancey

RBC Life – The Official MLM Opportunity Review

rbc lifeIf you’ve clicked on this RBC Life review you’re most likely already involved in the company and doing some last minute research or you considering getting involved in the business and looking for a 3rd party opinion.  Either way you’re in the right place.  In this unbiased 3rd party RBC Life review I’ll detail their product line, the leadership team, the compensation plan, and the path to success inside RBC Life that the company won’t teach you.

Just Another Health & Wellness MLM Or Is RBC Life Different?

Health and Wellness is the largest niche inside Network Marketing.  Which means you can look at it as a proven category of product or a highly competitive sector of MLM.  Whatever your perspective RBC life has positioned themselves in a unique position by offering 75 different products.  The company has focused most of their products around the health benefits of the Aloe Vera plant.  The Aloe Vera plant has been used for centuries and has proven to have many healing properties.

The flagship products of the RBC Life product line are 4 products an anti-aging product Mycrohydrin Plus, a healthy living product Stem-Kline, an energy and fitness product Triple FX, and lastly a specific needs product Immune 360 that is designed to strengthen and fortify the immune system.  One thing is certain their appears to be a lot of scientific research behind their products in fact the company has invested over 5 years and $20 million into analyzing the benefits of Aloe Vera.

The Leadership of RBC Life – RBC Life Review

RBC Life is a company focused the vision “Better nutrition for better health.”  The company was founded in 1991 by Clinton Howard is publically traded and headquartered in Irving, Texas.  Mr. Howard brings a wealth of experience to RBC Life as a scientist and entrepreneur having previously developed one of the United States largest medical laboratory chains.  Mr. Howard has assembled a team of four individuals with different skills and abilities to organize the daily operations of RBC Life and to lead the field of distributors.

RBC Life was formerly known as Royal Body Care and RBC Life Sciences.

The RBC Life Compensation Plan

The RBC Life compensation plan is based on the popular binary model, which is based on the concept of building two teams (a right team and a left team).  The compensation plan allows you to earn a percentage of the total volume of your smaller of the two teams each month.  You can also earn potentially earn a matching bonus on the volume of your stronger team.  RBC Life also gives you the ability to earn immediate income from retailing and fast start bonuses of $75 for ever new distributor you sponsor into your RBC Life business.  As you promote and reach the leadership ranks of the RBC Life compensation plan you also have the opportunity profit from bonus pools which tap into the company’s total production.

Overall, their compensation plan is fair, marketable, and can provide a nice lifestyle for an individual aggressively building a large organization.

Success In RBC Life – Has Nothing To Do With Health and Wellness

Ultimately, RBC Life is a Network Marketing business opportunity. The company has proven it has the ability to adapt and has staying power having been around for 20 years.  The fact is RBC Life markets quality products and has a fair compensation plan, so it’s obvious that RBC does not stand for “really bad choice.”  However, even with a solid leadership team, quality products, and a fair compensation plan, RBC Life cannot guarantee you “really big checks.”

To succeed in any Network Marketing company, your success is 100% tied to your ability to and market the products to get long term customers and more importantly sponsor new distributors. That is exactly why the key component to success in RBC Life will be your ability to market and generate qualified leads.  My personal recommendation is that you implement a proven MLM Marketing System that will teach you the ins and outs of marketing, give you unique platform to generate exclusive leads, and even give you’re the ability to earn income from those that don’t join your RBC Life business.  Implementing this type of Attraction Marketing model could be your key to unlocking “really big checks” with RBC Life.

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