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Send Out Cards – Is This Business More Than Just A Clever Idea?

by James Yancey

Send Out Cards Review – An Unbiased 3rd Party Review

Send Out Cards ReviewsIf you’ve clicked on this Send Out Cards review, you are most likely doing your due diligence and trying to make an informed decision as to if Send Out Cards is the best opportunity for you to pursue as a business.

Therefore, in this unbiased review I will give an overview of the company, their product, compensation plan, and I’ll even reveal what it takes to succeed in Send Out Cards. So I encourage you to read this entire review doing so will put you in the best position to determine if there is more to Send Out Cards than just an interesting idea.

About Send Out Cards

Send Out Cards is a network marketing company that is based in Salt Lake City, Utah. The company was founded in 2004 by Kody Bateman. Bateman’s vision to create Send Out Cards was based on an unfortunate and untimely death of his brother.

Today, the company has over 60,000 independent distributors and has sent out over 50 million greeting cards to customers through their network of independent distributors.

The Send Out Cards Concept

Send Out CardsUnfortunately, sometimes important relationships fall through the cracks – and we don’t stay in touch with loved ones, friends, customers, or business associates like we should – and this is where Send Out Cards comes in.

The company will help you automate and customize greeting cards to send out to the significant people and relationships in your life to let them know how much you care.

Best of all, a card can be created in about 60 seconds and often costs less than retail greeting cards and can save you time and add convenience. The company allows you to choose from different pre-determined designs or add your own effects to your card that will surely be appreciated by the recipient. For a small fee, you can customize your greeting cards with your own logo, signature and photos.

More Than Just Cards

Send Out Cards also markets gifts, so you won’t have to run to the store. Their extensive online Gift Catalog offers hundreds of gifts – from chocolate brownies, to gift cards, and motivational books.

Send Out Cards – The Opportunity

The Send Out Cards business opportunity offers new distributors the ability to build an income stream by attracting retail customers and building a distribution network of distributors. Send Out Cards offers interested distributors 2 ways to get started which can range from $50-$295. The company also offers an optional training that opens up another income stream for a fee of $349.

The Send Out Cards business opportunity offers personal production bonuses and team commissions – these income streams include retail sales, customer acquisition bonuses, leadership bonuses, and certified trainer bonuses.

The Send Out Cards compensation plan is based on a uni-level pay plan. A uni-level is simply a compensation model that allows distributors the ability to enroll an unlimited number of customers and distributors personally, as the new distributors enroll others depth is created in the compensation plan. The Send Out Cards compensation plan allows their distributors to earn through 7 levels and even has incentives that can allow individuals to earn through unlimited depth.

All in all, the Send Out Cards compensation plan appears to be fair and has proven to be lucrative for individuals with the ability to build a large thriving sales and marketing organization.

Success Won’t Come From Selling Send Out Cards Products

Even though Send Out Cards is an intriguing opportunity, the fact is they are a network marketing business. Therefore if you want to succeed in this business you have to build a large network of independent distributors and to do that requires a large and steady flow of leads seeking a business opportunity.

Without a steady flow of leads most Send Out Cards distributors will struggle and then quit – which is why you must have a plan that extends far beyond simply the people you already know.

When you understand that selling products is not the key to success in this business you’ll recognize that qualified leads are the lifeblood of this and any network marketing business and without a steady flow of qualified leads you will fail.

How to Increase Your Odds of Success in Send Out Cards

Know that you understand to succeed in Send Out Cards or any network marketing business you need pre-qualified leads your focus should be on learning the skill to generate new leads every day.

With over 2 million people per day looking online – the internet is a perfect way to locate prospects for Send Out Cards or any home based business.

This is why I highly recommend you check out my FREE mlm marketing training, where you can actually look over my shoulder and the shoulders of top producers who are incorporating the internet into our marketing plans and dominating the network marketing industry with simple cutting edge systems and techniques that work and get motivated mlm reps hunting us down. Best of all this strategy will work in Send Out Cards or any company you choose.

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