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SereniGy and Ganoderma – Is This Coffee MLM The One?

by James Yancey

SereniGy Coffee Review

SereniGyCoffee has been tearing up the home base business and Network Marketing industry over the last few years and SereniGy is the newest player.  SereniGy is more than just coffee so in this in-depth look at the company we will review the products, the leadership team, their binary compensation plan, and how top leaders are excelling in the SereniGy business.

SereniGy – More Than Coffee?

SereniGy is actually a health and wellness company that is strategically sharing the health benefits of ganoderma by introducing it through a worldwide habit, coffee.  Ganoderma has become popular among MLM coffee companies for its well documented properties.  Ganoderma is extremely high in antioxidants and is considered the number one anti-aging herb in the world.

Outside of coffee – SereniGy also markets a line of teas, hot chocolate, and weight loss products and supplements.  They even sell concentrated water product called SereniGy G-Drops and a performance bracelet or SereniGy G-Bands that are designed to improve balance, energy, and overall well-being.

What About the Leadership? Who Is Running SereniGy?

SereniGy Ganoderma CoffeeSereniGy is based out of Miami, Florida and was founded by their CEO Jay Noland.  Jay brings a wealth of Network Marketing experience to the company.  He also has a solid track record for having success in the coffee niche of Network Marketing having been involved and instrumental in 2 other coffee MLM companies specifically Gano Excel and Organo Gold.

On an interesting side note, several members of the corporate team, and even the Scientific Board, were heavily involved in Organo Gold and left that opportunity to start SereniGy.  So they have a solid team in place that has a proven track record for success in MLM and even in the coffee niche of direct sales.

Let’s Talk Compensation – The SereniGy Plan

The SereniGy compensation plan is using a binary compensation model.  A binary is a compensation model that focuses on the power of 2, simply put this compensation requires building 2 teams  – a left team and a right team, and then helping others to do the same.

SereniGy allows distributors to earn in several way including upfront customer bonuses and back end residual income as your grow your sales organization.  The company also offers car bonuses, a luxury bonus, and global bonus pool to reward top producers.   Binary compensation plans have their strong and weak points and all in all if you’re going to build and support a large organization the SereniGy compensation plan will certainly reward you for your efforts.

How To Make SereniGy The Right Coffee MLM

Ultimately SereniGy is a Network Marketing opportunity and while they have a solid corporate team and a great product in a solid niche that they’ve tied to a rewarding compensation plan – the fact remains that these factors will not impact your success.

To succeed in SereniGy your success is 100% tied to one thing and that is your ability to enroll and sponsor new people into your business.  In other words your success will be based on your ability to generate qualified leads.

When you understand that leads are the lifeblood of any MLM business you can stop comparing and starting focusing on a plan to generate leads. This is why I highly recommend anyone interested in creating a substantial income in SereniGy or any Network Marketing business master the skill of attraction leads and prospects through marketing.  If you do SereniGy could be the life changing opportunity your looking for.

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