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Considering Shaklee? Get the Facts – Read This Before You Join

by James Yancey

Shaklee Review

Shaklee ReviewLet’s cut to the chase Shaklee is an extremely solid company in the Network Marketing and direct sales industry and if you are considering Shaklee chances are you’re looking for a legitimate opportunity that can change your financial life and would like a few more details before making a decision.

I’m sure you are aware that many people struggle to make money and even lose money in the Shaklee business opportunity and you’re probably looking for some guidance to help you avoid the traps and challenges that most distributors face.  That is why in this Shaklee review I’ll give you an overview of the leadership, the products, the compensation plan, and reveal why have struggled and still struggle in the Shaklee business and how you can set yourself with a plan to succeed in Shaklee or any entrepreneurial pursuit you choose

About Shaklee

Shaklee was founded in 1959 by Dr. Forrest Shaklee.  Dr. Shaklee was an absolute visionary having pioneered the vitamin supplement industry creating his first product in 1915.  He also coined the term “bio-degradable and was an early practitioner and advocate of environmentally safe products, last but not least he was an early adopter and promoter of multi-level marketing.

For over 50 years Shaklee has been a leader in direct sales always focused and true to their product philosophy, which is “always safe”, “always works” and “always green”.  With this simple product philosophy Shaklee has become one of the leading health products manufacturers in the world.

Today Shaklee is run by their CEO and chairman Roger Barnett.  Roger graduated from Yale Law School with an undergraduate degree and brings a wealth of business experience to the Shaklee Corporation and is supported by a solid management team that has a focus on continuing to grow the Shaklee products, brand and company.

Shaklee is it Really the Products?

Shaklee ProductsToday, Shaklee is known as the number one natural nutrition company in the United States and does business on a global level having approximately 800,000 customers and distributors taking advantage of or promoting their products.

The company offers a wide range of products including nutritional supplements, weight management, beauty products, and household cleaning products.  While without a doubt the Shaklee products have proven to be marketable, effective, and safe; however, you’re here to get more details on the potentially life changing business opportunity – so, let’s review the compensation plan.

The Shaklee Compensation Plan

The Shaklee compensation plan has been documented to have helped over 1,600 distributors earn over $1 million in commissions, so like their products the compensation plan has proven to be effective.

To keep up with the time Shaklee actually overhauled the compensation plan in October of 2010 to make it more competitive and rewarding for distributors.

In short, the company is utilizing a uni-level pay plan that allows you to personally enroll and unlimited number of distributors, as the distributors you enroll begin to enroll and train others depth is created.  The Shaklee compensation plan offers distributors 5 ways to earn including upfront retail sales, team overrides, infinity bonuses, car bonuses, and cash awards.  Overall, the compensation plan is very fair and can be very lucrative for the person who has or attains the ability to grow a large organization.

Why Most Will Fail Within 90 Days in Shaklee?

Obviously Shaklee is a great company, but why do so many people still struggle?  The fact is while Shaklee has been around for a long time they are in the product and opportunity business – not the entrepreneur training business.

New Shaklee distributors will sooner or later struggle due to a lack of leads.  In network marketing qualified leads are the lifeblood of the business and without a steady flow of qualified leads most distributors will fail.

Shaklee focuses distributors on networking sadly  the days of chasing friends and family, home parties, and prospecting at the mall are no longer time effective or financially effective for most distributors and unfortunately this is what’s being taught by Shaklee and most mlm companies.

How To Increase Your Odds of Success in Shaklee

To succeed in Shaklee or any network marketing business you need pre-qualified leads and to obtain pre-qualified leads you must have marketing experience or get access to training to learn the skills necessary to get leads daily.  Lastly you need a system that ties training and lead generation together so the process can be duplicated by the leaders who join your team.

If you’re looking for some high quality and FREE mlm marketing training, were you can actually look over the shoulder of top producers who are dominating the network marketing industry today – by utilizing cutting edge systems and techniques that work in Shaklee or any company you choose click the banner below now!

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