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Sisel International – How Good Is The Opportunity?

by James Yancey

Sisel International – What You Need To Know

sisel internationalSisel International is a health, nutrition, and wellness company that is currently operating in 21 countries worldwide and if you’re on this page,  you most likely want to learn more about the company, but also find out what it takes to succeed, and lastly you want some 3rd party re-assurance that the Sisel opportunity is good one.

That’s why in this Sisel International Review we will look into the management, products, compensation plan, and exactly what needs to be done to succeed in Sisel putting you in the best position to make the decision right for you.

Sisel International – The Details

Sisel International was founded in 2006 by Tom Mower, and his son Tom Jr., with the mission to create the most powerful personal care products and dietary supplements in the world. The term SISEL (pronounced “sizzle”) is an acronym for; Science, Innovation, Success, Energy, and Longevity.

Tom Mower is an extremely experienced leader in the Network Marketing Industry.  In 1987 he launched Images, a personal care manufacturing company in Utah, which later became Neways International an extremely successful Network Marketing company that boasts almost a billion dollars in annual sales.  The Mower’s sold Neways in 2006 and launched Sisel International

The Sisel International Products

Sisel International has a wide array of products – health, wellness, liquid nutritionals, weight loss, and many more.  One of the most remarkable things about Sisel is that they manufacture all their products in their state of facility giving Sisel International a unique advantage on quality control, inventory, and price.  This fact combined with Sisel International’s management make them a solid player in the Health and Wellness niche.

Understanding The Sisel International Compensation Plan

Sisel International is rewarding it’s distributors with a compensation plan that offers 6 ways to earn income.  The compensation plan is a uni-level plan and allows you to go as wide as you choose.  As you advance up the leadership ranks the Sisel compensation plan pays out up to 9 levels deep.  In my opinion their compensation plan is a little complicated for a new person; however, you can be sure it rewards new distributors with highly competitive fast start bonuses, as well as leaders with lifestyle bonuses, and team overrides.  To reap the largest rewards in the Sisel compensation plan you’ll need to sponsor or develop leaders through your personal recruiting.

So, How Good Is the Sisel International Opportunity?

From my analysis Sisel International appears to be a solid opportunity.  The company certainly has credible, qualified leadership, a wide array of relevant products, and a fair and potentially lucrative compensation plan.  The only obstacle to your success in Sisel will be your ability to sponsor leaders into your business.  To succeed in Sisel or any Network Marketing company you need a system to generate red hot leads looking for an opportunity.  Without a system in place, chances are you’ll simply be another rep struggling in Sisel.  If you truly want to succeed in Sisel I recommend you implement a proven MLM Marketing System and generate targeted leads for your Sisel International business.

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