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Stiforp Spells Profits Backwards But Will This System Pay You?

by James Yancey

Will Stiforp Bring You Large Profits?

Stiforp ReviewIf you’re checking out this Stiforp Review, you’re most likely doing your due diligence and looking for a non-biased 3rd party review on the company.  What I can promise you is that I’m not and will never be involved with Stiforp, yet I can’t say I’m completely non-biased keep reading and learn why.  Because in this Stiforp review I’ll give you an in-depth analysis and review of what I’ve uncovered on the leadership, the products, and the compensation plan – which will ultimately put you in position to make a more educated decision on the Stiforp System.

About Stiforp

Stiforp is a brand new Network Marketing company based out of Anaheim Hills, California.  The company launched in September of 2011, and offers a suite of Internet Marketing tools to help distributors market for Network Marketing leads online.   One a side note, you may not have noticed but the name Stiforp spells profits backwards.  The company is so new that all the facts aren’t in and the important details like who is behind the company and the skills they bring to the table are still sketchy at best.

It’s my understanding that Nauder Khazan is the founder of Stiforp.  Mr. Khazan currently is behind several other companies inside the MLM industry; however, he may or may not be the founder of the company.  Ultimately before I would put my good name on the line representing a company, an opportunity, or a product I would want to be sure who I was partnering with.  I highly recommend you do the same.

What Is Stiforp – Marketing?

Stiforp members are marketing tools and an overall marketing platform designed to capture generic leads for any home based business opportunity.  A Stiforp membership runs $9.95 a month and includes:

Flash Movie Presentations – The movie presentations Stiforp is currently allowing its members to benefit from are designed to promote the benefits of a home based business.  This gives Stiforp members the flexibility of generating leads using this platform for any business they choose to build.

Lead Capture Pages – You can’t effectively market online without making a focused effort to capture a lead.  Stiforp recognizes this and provides its members with lead capture pages that will direct prospects to a replicated site after they’ve they opted-in.  Again, these sites are generic and can be used to build any back end MLM business you select.

Auto-responders – An auto-responder is an automated follow up system that has the ability to send mass emails to a targeted list.  In this case as you build your list using the Stiforp capture pages the system will send a series of pre-written emails to you list allowing you to follow up on autopilot

Conference Call LinesStiforp members get access to a conference call line to hold team conference calls as they grow their Network Marketing business.

Traffic Rotator – Traffic Rotators are designed for running group marketing campaigns or co-ops with your team.  The rotator allows you to filter leads to specific members of your team in a round robin fashion.  Rotators can be powerful and can put you in position to help your team sponsor distributors, ultimately if your marketing campaign is generating highly qualified leads and you have a team willing to invest in your advertising campaigns you can reward them with leads helping you and your team reach your personal goals faster.

The Stiforp Compensation Plan

Stiforp’s compensation plan is based on a 2 x 14 Matrix and offers 4 ways to earn income.  A matrix is a compensation model that allows a business owner to sponsor directly into the available spots, in this case 2 the remaining people brought in must be placed under the individuals that have already joined causing a spillover effect.  The Stiforp compensation plan pays down 12 levels and can expand to 14 if you pay your full membership 1 year in advance.

Stiforp Compensation PlanStiforp has created a buzz by promoting a Powerline bonus which according to the company allows a new person to get paid from the next 3 to enroll.  The fact is the initial marketing campaigns have caused some confusion around the Powerline as some believe the spillover of the next 3 is companywide, the fact is any spillover is completely based on the team you join and team you’re building sponsoring efforts.  Ultimately these first three only pay out a total of $4 anyway, so you’ll need to get to work if you want to maximize the compensation plan.  While the company claims its possible $2047.50 per month without ever enrolling a single distributor – I wouldn’t recommend holding your breathe for that to happen as it’s extremely unlikely.  Stiforp rounds out their compensation plan with fast start bonuses, residuals as your team grows, and lastly a matching bonus based on your teams production that can grow as you advance through the company’s leadership ranks.

My Final Thoughts On Stiforp

Stiforp is a young company, and has positioned themselves as a company that promotes marketing tools to marketers.  If you follow my blog you know that I don’t recommend generic tools, I recommend customizable tools that allow you to brand your marketing around yourself.  You know that I’m a firm believer that people don’t join companies people join people.  So, while I highly recommend a customizable Attraction Marketing System there is still a place for what Stiforp offers.  Not everyone will want to brand themselves.  Not everyone will want to make money regardless of if people join their MLM business or not – like I teach people who to do inside their own customizable Network Marketing Lead Generation System.  Ultimately, the company’s new – who can predict what they’ll add or do as time moves forward.  So, if you’re really serious about Stiforp, you’re comfortable with the available facts, and see their tools as valuable there is no reason you can’t succeed inside Stiforp.

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