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Syntek Global Review – An Unbiased Review From Someone Who Didn’t Join

by James Yancey

Syntek Global Review

Syntek Global ReviewSyntek Global is a Network Marketing company headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Syntek Global primary product is a green fuel enhancement additive.  If you’ve come across this article you are most likely doing your due diligence prior to joining Syntek Global and looking for answers to help you make your final decision.  If that your situation, you’ve found what you’ve been looking for.  In this Syntek Global Review, I’ll detail the product, leadership, compensation, and what it takes to be successful in Syntek Global.

Syntek Global Review – The Product

Syntek Global offers three products, XFT – Extreme Fuel Treatment, Freezepoint, and Eco-Mist.  XFT -Extreme Fuel Treatment is their flagship product and is designed to accomplish 4 functions.

  1. Increase life of engine
  2. Increases fuel economy
  3. Increase horsepower and performance
  4. Reduces Emissions

According to Syntek Global this product has been tested by 3rd party agencies and has been documented to lower the ignition point of gas, reduces friction in any engine, stabilize fuel for a longer burn, inhibit rust and corrosion, removes water and condensation, and act as a detergent.  Syntek Global’s website reveals that their XFT product is patented and registered with EPA; Syntek even offers a 30 day satisfaction guarantee on their product.

The Leaders of Syntek Global

Syntek Global is led by John Winterholler CEO and President and Curt Ence VP of Product Research and Development.  John Winterholler is an established leader in business and has had multiple successes as a founder and high level executive.  Curt Ence previous business and product Filtakleen appears to have been the XFT product prior to rebranding it and establishing the Network Marketing distribution channel for Syntek Global.  John and Curt have simply changed the distribution model to take a great product to a wider audience.

Syntek Global - Attraction Marketing System

A Review of Syntek Global’s Compensation Plan

In order to create an income in Syntek Global you first need to become a distributor.  Syntek Global offers 3 ways to participate and earn commission within their binary compensation plan.  You can get started with Syntek Global with an initial investment of $ 89.95, $295, or $598, the only ongoing overhead is $14.95 for a suite of marketing websites, and a product auto-ship of either $60 or $120 for personal products and samples to share to build your customer base and team.

Syntek Global’s binary compensation plan offers 8 ways to earn income.  In this Syntek Global Review we only discuss the 3 most exciting ways to earn income.  The first way to earn income is in the form of retail commissions you can earn up to 25% recurring income on any personal customer you gather.  Syntek Global also offers you the ability to earn team commissions when you’ve personally sponsored 2 individuals this allows you to earn 10% on the volume of the lesser leg.  The most exciting thing about this is that the overall volume does not flush; Syntek leaves any remaining unpaid volume available for future earnings.  The final and most exciting way to get paid we discuss here in this Syntek Global Review is the check matching bonus.  This bonus is paid on distributors personally sponsored reps and works like a uni-level compensation plan, allowing for a payout through 7 levels of depth.  Syntek Global’s compensation plan is robust and highly lucrative for the individual that has the ability to create a large sales and marketing organization.

So, What Does It Take To Succeed In Syntek Global?

Ultimately Syntek Global is a Network Marketing opportunity and even though they have a competent corporate team and a great product coupled with a lucrative compensation plan.  None of these factors will have any bearing on a distributor’s ability to succeed.  To succeed in Syntek Global your success is 100% tied to your ability to enroll and sponsor new people into your Syntek business who have the desire and ability to market the XFT product and the Syntek opportunity.  So, if you now realize your success completely hinges on your ability to market and generate qualified leads.  I highly recommend anyone interested in creating a substantial income in Syntek Global implement a proven Attraction Marketing system. This system must allow you to brand yourself as a leader, teach and allow you to generate leads, as well as help you generate income from the individuals who don’t want to join you’re Syntek Global business or the XFT product.  If you tie this online Attraction Marketing system and branding with a solid strategy Syntek Global and the XFT product could be the opportunity you’ve always been seeking.   To access a FREE video training that will help you dominate Syntek Global simply click the banner below now!

Create Targeted Syntek Global Leads Now

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{ 10 comments… read them below or add one }

1 Andrea Felder February 7, 2011

Great post James You definitely paid attention to the details! Thanks for your review.

2 Terry May 15, 2011

I actually joined Syntek Global and 4 months later, I gave it up. Even though it is a great product and I love it for my own car, it is a pretty hard sell. I was lead to believe that the product would sell itself, but…NOT so much!! It sometimes takes several fill-ups at the pump to see any good mileage increase. Most people (with the gas prices as high as they are right now) are not interested in the many other benefits of XFT. Sometimes your mileage will actually drop while the product is cleaning all the gunk out of your engine and the 1st time that happens, most people will stop using it. In order to get others interested in actually buying it, you have to be a pretty good salesperson, even if you yourself are really psyched about how much you love it! The MLM part was not for me…in fact I hated that part. I HATE hype!! Plus I didn’t want to babysit a new distributor. It took away from my trying to sell the product. It seems that is the way they try to push you into the business…get LOTS of new distributors. Overall, if you join this company, be ready to be bombarded with hyped up MLM managers that make plenty of money by getting OTHERS to sell it while you get them more distributors so they can sit on the beach and make 10% of whatever ALL OF YOU sell!!

3 James Yancey May 15, 2011

Hey Terry, thank you for sharing your experience – I’m not invovled with Syntek in anyway and have only offered a 3rd party opinion. Your comments help make my point – you mentioned you loved the product and had challenges selling it. That’s why I recommend people learn to market. People don’t buy products they buy marketing. Like you, I hate hype – there are many companies in the MLM industry that market through hype – however their are just as many that truly allow the product and opportunity to speak for itself – a companies culture is critical in traditional business as well as MLM. It sound like to me you didn’t fit into the companies culture – nothing more. I can’t speak on the training you received or the leadership bombarding the field with hype so they can sit on a beach – I’m sure you wanted to vent – especially being that you mentioned you too are unwilling to “baby sit” – your venting is understandable. However, you are still searching for something or you would never have landed on this blog post. Syntek is a young company anyone thinking they can sit on the beach and do nothing will lose. If you or anyone is looking to build a walk away income, be prepared to put in years to create leaders who know how to build without your involvement. Best of luck to you and I hope your find what your looking for.

4 Aaron l Jacobs June 12, 2011

I Just Have A few Questions As I Wait for my first order(of 1 4pack of treatment). One How Lon Does it Take To Receive A Shipment.? Two Is There A costumer Support number or what.?…Why can’t I Call Anyone to ask any questions like Why isn’t my sponsor Getting Credit for MY Order.?…WHO is for that matter.?…..What will happen to my client’s orders Should I NOT Get to Leary Still Join up To This Seemingly Outstanding Opportunity of a company….????? Will Someone Call Me To Respond, Or is that Long distant call Gonna be to much Of a Stretch….This Is Not A Good Sign For Me Starting Out….I Really do want to Join This Company Because I’m a NATURAL NET WORKER And will Give You all My Own Personal Guarantee If I Can get Some type of A personal Response….I Just Don’t Want To Be Scammed this time to….!!!

5 James Yancey June 24, 2011

Aaron, I’m not exactly sure how to respond to any of this – I’m not involved in Syntek. Syntek is basically a start up – there will be bumps in the road, and you should prepare yourself for that. There are challenges in every business including the Network Marketing business. Connect with your sponsor or the person you purchased product from and get these questions answered. What your experiencing sounds like customer service challenges, which is something that can happen in any company that is expanding. Good luck to you.

6 Richard Jones October 6, 2011

Love your blog Mr. Yancey! Thanks for this information – I think this opportunity is right for me. Good to hear good, honest feedback from a person with no “skin in the game”, so to speak – keep up the great work!

7 James Yancey October 6, 2011

Thanks! Richard, best of luck to you!

8 A.V.Ravindran June 24, 2012

The product is excellent and it comes at a rignt time as most MLM companies concentrate on health and travel products only this company understand the world trend, that is Oil,saving as much as 20% to 3o% thru
its product.The company has very great potential and its Distributers must be committed in order to levarage big income and oppu..,bottom line hard and smart work is important.

9 Charles Amechi June 1, 2013

Dear Mr. James Yancey, I must confess that you are an epitome of wisdom and knowledge. The way you respond to controversial posts on your blog is interesting, passionate and exciting. However, as Syntek Global continue to attain great height, the euphoria that greets the efforts of its Team can never die down. The company’s product is good but in a global economy, products no longer sell itself but a good branding and marketing does sell the product. I am impressed with your blog and I call on all young enterprising people to key into the Syntek Global’s Xtreme Fuel Treatment brand.
NOTE: Young people will succeed in this golden global opportunity only if they visit incisive and educative Blogs like this.

10 Ndoo! June 29, 2013

How can a person buying fuel from a pump mix the fuel with the xtreme fuel treatment?

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