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Text Cash Network – Is TCN The Real Thing Or A Waste Of Time?

by James Yancey

Text Cash NetworkIf you’ve click on this article – you are genuinely looking for answers. The fact is the title to this article is so to the point that most will avoid this important information. But, I think it’s the exact question to anyone who is considering the Text Cash Network or TCN is looking to have answered.

Anyone who knows what’s going on in the world of marketing and advertising knows that the “IDEA” of text marketing is HOT. Mobile text advertising is being promoted by several sources as the next major sector of in consumer advertising. The concept of text marketing makes sense on many levels, the masses almost always have their cell phone on them and people are highly responsive to acknowledging a text message.

Even with those positives, none of them suggest that the Text Cash Network will make you any money or be a long term network marketing business opportunity.

The Details On The Text Cash Network

Text Cash Network, Inc. or TCN is based out of Boca Raton, Florida, and their business is centered on offering mobile marketing and brand management services to corporations, ad agencies and media outlets. The company was founded on a mission “to provide market-leading, high value services which meet our Customers’ evolving needs by leveraging the entrepreneurial spirit of our Referral Agents while striving to continuously increase shareholder value.”

Currently the Text Cash Network has two services an Opt-in Text Network and a Text Advertising – ultimately as a referral agent of the Text Cash Network the primary goal is locating individuals who want to earn income from receiving 5 daily texts and help others to do the same.

Getting Started and Getting Paid In The Text Cash Network

Getting Started

The Text Cash Network offers 3 ways to participate – the first is as a Free Member, Free Members once registered receive texts and/or emails for coupons, special offers, and daily deals from merchants.  To earn with in the Text Cash Network compensation plan you must be a Referral Agent.  A referral agent is a Free Member who also elects to refer and promote TCN.  Lastly there is a VIP Referral Agent.  A VIP Referral Agent must offer an initial VIP Adverting Package to a merchant of TCN’s choosing by purchasing a Wholesale VIP Advertising Package.

The Compensation Plan

The Text Cash Network compensation plan is pretty simple, it based on a uni-level compensation plan were Referral Agents can refer as many people as they choose – those that they refer have the ability to do the same as they do depth in the organization is created.  Referral Agents are able to earn from $.75 up to $1.50 per active Referral Agent through 10 levels of referrals.

Historically free programs have not created significant earnings for in Network Marketers , perhaps TCN will be the one, only time will tell.

Sponsor 10+ Text Cash Network Reps

Sponsor 10+ Text Cash Network Reps

Is The Text Cash Network A Waste of Time?

Text Cash Network is a start up with many unanswered questions.  The primary challenge, I see with the Text Cash Network is that the primary audeince for the text marketing will most likely be indivudals who want to earn inside the network.  This method of business puts all the pressure on the corporate staff.  Look at it this way – the corporate leaders must attract advertisers who offer enough value in their marketing message to attract a genuine customer who wants to receive their text messages – and these same advertisers must be able to see a return on their advertising dollar.  Since, no advertiser will participate on a long term basis with an advertising plan that does not provide a return – so only time will tell how this plays out.

Fortunately the Text Cash Network is taking all the risk – by offering the opportunity for free. The only thing you risk is your time and personal recommendation.

Succeeding in The Text Cash Network

In this editorial review we’ve discussed the challenges management faces, and the challenges of free programs – so, if you’re looking to succeed in the Text Cash Network you must not forget one simple fact.

That fact is that the Text Cash Network is a Network Marketing opportunity, and even though they have an interest free opportunity in the text market that alone will not help you succeed.  To succeed in the Text Cash Network or any Network Marketing business you must possess or attain the ability to sponsor a large number of people into your business.

Put simply, your success hinges on your ability to generate qualified leads.  This is why if you’re serious about building a residual income in inside the Network Marketing industry you absolutely must have a plan to master lead generation.  A plan based on friends and family is just silly – if your friends and family were going to help you become financially free, you’d already be financially free.

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