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The Empower Network Review – What You Must Know!

by James Yancey

The Empower Network Review

empower networkThe Empower Network is a relatively new business opportunity that combines affiliate marketing and network marketing.  The company has gotten ton’s of buzz boasting the opportunity for 100% commissions and big checks, and if you’re here you are probably searching to find out the pro’s and con’s of the Empower Network before you take the plunge and join.

If any of that sounds like what you’re looking for, congratulations you’re about to discover what you must know before joining the Empower Network.

About The Empower Network

The company was conceived by David Wood and David Sharpe.  These guys are definitely visionaries and have created notable success online.  These two got the bulk of their online marketing training inside My Lead System Pro – which is why many people recommend both programs.  The Empower Network is based on a simple blogging and training platform helping marketers to have a narrow focus while learning critical internet marketing skills.  An interesting component of the Empower Network is its viral component – simply put as you develop a team you have the opportunity to leverage their content and sales.

Does The Empower Network Compensation Plan Pay 100% Commissions?

While it’s pretty clear that the Empower Network and it’s members are working really hard to promote 100% commissions this claim is not exactly accurate.  Which in my opinion is unfortunate because people can be skeptics – especially when it comes to compensation and because the Empower Network has a lucrative compensation plan there should be no reason to embellish it by promoting 100%, the real number is approximately 80% – which is definitely respectable.

The Empower Network compensation plan is based on the “pass up” concept which has been around for years.  In a “pass up” pay plan you forgo a set number of sales, these sales “pass up” to your sponsor to create leverage.  Unfortunately, no pass up program has ever made it long-term (that I’m aware of – and I’ve looked extensively).  Perhaps the Empower Network’s unique spin on the pass up will change that, only time will tell.

Getting Started and Getting Paid In The Empower Network

empower networkThe Empower Network offers 4 products including their basic membership for $25 monthly which includes their blogging platform, capture pages, and ongoing training to help you learn to promote the company and online.  They also offer an Inner circle membership for an additional $100 monthly which includes more training.  If you elect these 2 options your investment is $125 each month.

The Empower Network also offers two one time payment trainings including the Costa Rica Intensive for $500 and the $15K Formula for $250.  Simply put, you earn 100% of all sales that do not pass up, and you can only earn on what you’ve purchased.  Empower Network members passes up there 2nd sale, 4th, 6th and then every 5th.  All in all the company allows you to earn up to $875 one time with $125 of recurring on eligible sales – all eligible sales produces a minimum of $25 per sale per month.

Outside of personal sales, the Empower Network allows you to earn from the pass up sales of your team to unlimited depth.

What You Must Know About The Empower Network

To succeed in the Empower Network isn’t as simple as just blogging daily.  There are thousands of sites online simply having one will not make you a success – even if you update it frequently.  The fact is there are several skills that must be learned in order to succeed in any business and this one is no different.

The primary skill that you must master to succeed in affiliate marketing or network marketing is locating quality prospects to connect with or simply put generating leads.  Without this gateway skill nothing else matters.  While I like aspects of the Empower Network I personally feel the best place for network marketers to learn how to generate leads is My Lead System Pro, especially if your end goal is to build an MLM.

The fact is the training offered by MLSP is what helped create the success for the creators of the Empower Network and the majority of their leaders.  However, if you’re already somewhat established, have a list, and are looking for an additional income stream Empower Network could be a great fit for you.

To your success!

empower network

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